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Back in the old days, publishing a post with a lot of media stuffs associated was really a pain. You'll need a lot of desktop applications to accompany you as you try to create your blog post. Apps like image editors, RSS readers, note taking, etc. 


But as blogging rapidly grows, a lot of online tools or web apps also arises to ease bloggers' life and makes it possible for them to do things desktop apps can do. Below are some online tools that would surely ease you out especially if you're a blogger on the go.



Flickr is an online image sharing site, You can productively use Flickr to host your own images so that you can use it on your blog. And not just that, You could also use Flickr to search for nice images (Creative Commons licensed) and use it on your blog.


Read it later

Read it later is mobile and browser plugin that adds a "read it later" functionality on the website pages you've surf and you want to save for reading later. If you're a blogger, then it's a must have tool to boost your blogging productivity and write more creative and well researched blog posts.



Fond of taking worthy notes? Then Evernote sure is the best app for you! Evernote makes it easier for you to take down notes and lists to keep your life organized! It could be accessed using your browser or via your mobile phone.



Want some hard rocking application to dit your pictures? Then Pixlr is for you! Pixlr is like an online photoshop that can do almost all of the things your desktop image editing application could do.



Your online feature packed notebook! Springnote offers a lot of features to take notes online. Have your own personal or create a group notebook for better productivity! Springnote is also a great tool for group projects as it allows group members to easily collaborate.



Zemanta is a handy tool that speeds up the process of adding media and links to your post. It watches you as you write your blog posts (yes, that sounds creepier than it really is) and suggests tags, links, and images to include in your post as you go.



If you want to offer a subscription on your blog so that readers could get updated about your blog updates, chances are, You have also given them the option to subscribe via RSS feeds. And if you want to track down your readers, analyze them and make your blog better. Then having a feedburner account would be smart move!


And that's some of it folks! These online tools listed above will surely make your blogging life way more easier. It makes it possible for you to do tasks without the aid of your memory chunky desktop applications.

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