Essential Wordpress plugins for improving performance

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Where back again for more Wordpress plugins tips and recommendations! In this article we are going to discuss about the plugins that are essential for every blog to improve it's performance and makes it more faster and more accessible to it's readers.

Performance is a critical aspect. It is a factor that affects the accessibility of your blog especially if it has a high volume of traffic. Getting your blog faster would include a lot of technicalities to implement, but fear not! as there are also Wordpress plugins that will ease and guide you through the process of optimizing your blog for performance.


WP Super Cache

Heavy flow of traffic will certainly make your blog slow down and WP Super cache is ultimately the tool you''ll need to coop up. it creates a cache version of your site so that when someone visits your blog they see a local cached copy of your blog instead and would dramatically improved your blog's performance.


Wp-optimize is a simple but effective Wordpress plugin that will clean up and magically optimize your blog's database without the use of phpMyAdmin, making it more faster and easy to use.

HeadJS Loader

If you are using a lot of JavaScripts on your blog, then you'll probably having a problem of your blog being slow. HeadJs Loader will Wordpress plugin will get all of your scripts and will load it in parallel for a better and faster performance.


WP-minify will dramatically reduce the file size of all of the css and Javascript files ofyour blog and thus making it more faster.


HTML-compress, as the name implies, will compress all of your blog's HTML codes. Minifying the file size and making it more faster.

Hyper Cached

Just like WP Super cache, Hyper Cached will make a cached version of your blog and will reduce it's load time and thus increasing it's accessibility, but this plugin is specifically written for blogs that are hosted on a low resource server.


And there you have it! Essential Wordpress plguins that will surely improve the performance of your blog, making it more accessible to your readers.

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