Essential Wordpress plugins for Reader Connection

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We've done discussing essential Wordpress plugins for handling comments and improving performance. And now, we will discuss about plugins that are essential at almost any Wordpress blog to make it socialize with it's readers and connect to them.


Social Discussions

Social Discussions wordpress plugin auto posts your blog on 20+ Social Networks and gives statistics for your blog posts from Social Networks. This is surely a must have plugin! It lets you have the power to monitor your blog's connections to your readers across social networks.


This plugin let's your readers share your blog's content across many list of social networks. This is immediately impact your blog's connectivity to your readers and also gives an opportunity for your blog to be viral.


PunchTab is a loyalty program for your WordPress blog. It lets you reward your readers for visits, comments, and social sharing. Through this plugin, your readers will get excited on participating on your blog.

Simple Facebook Connect

If you're up to utilizing Facebook's connectivity to people. You can use the Simple Facebook Connect plugin on your blog. With these plugin, your readers can participate on your blog through their facebook profile.

Twitter Widget Pro

Twitter Widget Pro displays tweets from twitter users that you specify, It helps you promote your twitter account so does connecting your readers through a microblog atmosphere.


So there you have it! These plugins will surely have a big impact on your blog, Take time implementing these plugins and connect to your readers.


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