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We've been through different sorts of discussions, tutorials and tips, but in this post, We'll try to give a tip on blogging in contrast to the real world.

There are many factors in life in order for it to continue. It may involve different circumstances in order to make the flow become well. You need to add some facts and thoughts that will really help you up in pursuing your goals.

Likewise, in blogging there are also many factors involved in order to make your goals become well and more productive. It may be endurance, enthusiasm, persistence and of course hard work. In life, we control it and we are the ones choosing on what path we are going to take. Below are some real life factors that can be in contrast to blogging.



Devotion is about committing your love to something (or someone) and of course if it is about blogging, As a devoted blogger you should be in loved. You be should able to accept any possibilities and opportunities that you'll encounter . If you didn't get what you wanted, it just shows you a message that you need to try harder next time. Just think that in this short life, everything is possible if it is accompanied with hard work.


A Determined blogger has fixed purposes and goals when blogging. If you are determined to maintain a

good traffic to your blog you should think something that will make it  to what you have expected. Perhaps,

deliver fresh content to your readers. Make a goal that you can achieve, remember: "Vision without action is a daydream and Action without vision is a nightmare".


Persistence defined as the quality of continuing steadily despite problems and difficulties. Even how

hard life is, these are the ingredients in making you a better one. They are the one making you stronger.

It let you see the different struggles in life and as a consequence it makes you more aware about life and

you will be able to break that struggles to make it fix.

Combined with the three important values in life they form a gigantic weapon against the different

challenges in life. So you just need to think that if one is missing with these important values, you will not be able to boost its full potential.

Growing up

In life all of us grow. In blogging, the blog grows as the blogger continue to grow and know what's next to learn. Part of growing up are the problems we encounter in life and if it's compared to blogging, that are the challenges you'll encounter.

Your limitation

In driving to your success, you should set your limitation because too much speed can lead to an

accident like what happen in a vehicle with too much speed. It gives a high chance of accidents. In

connection with blogging if you put too much effort to a thing that don’t require too much effort it will

just lead to a waste of time. If you spend almost all of your time on a very small thing, it can really ruin your

plans to create a big blogging community.


Well, that's all of it. This post may seem making blogging a more serious thing but really, these are realities that we knew in real life, why not apply them blogging?


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