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As a blogger, you may observe that sometimes there were less feedbacks on your post than what you’d expect to obtain. There are lots of possible reasons why it is happening. There are also lots of ways to encourage the readers to leave their feedbacks. One of the most common ways of encouraging more readers to leave their feedback is to improve your ability to socialize with the community and the network.

If you don’t have this ability the reader may think that their feedbacks are not that important and they will also feel that they are no longer member of your blogging community. So they will think that “what’s the use of my feedback”. When you make your readers think that their feedbacks are important, you can have the possibility to obtain more feedback. Below are some ways on how to improve the feedback that you'll get for your posts.



This way is one of the most common and effective way to encourage your readers to leave their feedbacks. Try to connect with them, try to communicate with them. It can be asking questions to them and encourage them to leave their comments and try also to discuss the question with the other readers. 

This invites your readers to participate in the discussions made by a question and then you can get some feedbacks from them. You can also put something that will make your readers become excited as they read your posts. Perhaps, you can put some question at the beginning of the post so that they will really finish your post. By the time they finish reading the whole article, I’m sure that they have already something to share with and it will be the start of a new discussion with your readers.

It is also an effective way to let your readers feel that their feedbacks are entertained. The larger effect for this is they will likely to join the discussion in your post and you can form a community that you will need to gain more feedbacks.


It's not bad idea to give prizes as rewards to your readers for participating in the discussions and interacting on your blog. You can use Punchtab it's free web application that will help you on building a loyalty program on your blog.

By giving them more reasons to stay and get excited, they'll eventually get to know more about your blog and will probably turn out to be an active reader of your community (That is, if you just write quality contents on your blog).

Be open minded

Keeping a cool but fun environment on your blog discussions would help turn visitors into blog readers. Keep an open mind and always sympathize with what your community tells you about your blog. Give them a chance to speak up and be a part of your blog. This way, you will give them a feeling that they are important to you as your blog reader.

Open a Debate

Opening a healthy open sided discussions on your blog would make your visitors want to participate especially if they have some idea about the topics you post on your blog. Keeping the discussion cool and open sided as mention would make a few more feedbacks. Remember, people want to share base on how you open up to them or hhow you are giving them a chance to do so.


And there you go, some easy tips on obtaining more feedbacks on your blog. Let your readers become an active participant on your community and always make them feel cared.

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