How to avoid being lazy in blogging?

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Being lazy and unproductive lately? Well, we all have that kind of mood sometimes. But if it affects the productivity of your blog then you'll really have to move on and do something! 

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of bloggers fail to create a community is by being lazy. Indeed, there are times that we are out of ideas or we don't have the right motivation to continue and go on type anything. And if you're on that situation, don't worry! Here are some things that you might consider to avoid or recover from a blogger's block.


Get sources

There are some sites offering great source of knowledge or ideas. You can browse the net for your sources, you just need to understand what's being said on a particular blog post and there you have created a new idea for your next blog post. You can also refer to our past post about the things you can publish when you're out of ideas.

Remember, it's "fun"

Com'on! Blogging is not just about being serious or doing things for the sake of something. It's also for fun right? Make the best out of the moist from blogging. Get yourself motivated by thinking the things you'll earn from doing it and be passionate about the topics you would like to share.

Use updates!

Have you tried to blog about something that is time sensitive? Well, there are somethings that you might blog on the past that you can blog now. You can post updates! You can recreate your posts like creating a version 2 of a certain post. It's also a nice way to attract more readers since they'll give you credit for the effort to enhance your posts.

Be optimistic!

Try to be more optimistic about your blog. There are a lot of cases in which bloggers quit blogging because they're to pessimistic about their blog's outcome. Instead of thinking what's "not" possible, try to think what's possible if you continue to grow your community. Remember, profitable blogs are not made overnight (don't try to be fooled by those "gurus" telling you to be rich overnight).


All the tips above were good but no one can make you stop being lazy but you yourself only.

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