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Niche. The most basic and fundamental part in starting a blog. Choosing a niche makes you focused on one thing. It lets you have one single road and have a sense of direction. It won't make your blogging life complicated. let's consider the effects and some frequently asked questions regarding a niche.


Why have a niche?

Simple! It gives you a more clear direction when you blog. When you have a niche, you can focus more on that topic and makes it easier for you to generate a series of blog posts. Having a specific niche helps your blog from getting found easily by readers all over the net.

What's the disadvantage of not having a niche?

Without a niche, you will not have the flexibility to target your readers and connect to them. Having a lot of topics on your blog makes it more difficult for gaining targeted audiences that you can relate and connect all the time.

Why some people don't choose a niche?

Believe it or not, there are also number of people who don't choose a niche. It is because they are not so obsess in making their blog their source of income or their not blogging for achieving something. 


That's it! I hope it helps you realize the importance of niche blogging. 

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