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The rise of technology has made dramatic changes on how people live especially in the area of communications.

As the technology rapidly grows, the way we interact with people also rapidly changes.


In this post, I'll list out the type of blogs that emerged from the rapid growth and changes of technology.


-Social Media blogs

Who would not know what a social network is? Since the birth of social medias, It's no wonder that a lot of bloggers writes about social media updates to attract readers. Social media is now the #1 topic on the internet and the rise of it's audience have urged so many writers to write a content about it.

-News blogs

Still on newspaper? well, an online newspaper would do more well and would reach more readers that normal newspaper can. People from all over the world can access the internet at anytime. News writers have leveraged this fact to extend their reach.

-Educational blogs

It's information age, and education has greatly changed since the internet was open to the people from all around the world. People can learn at the comfort of their home or anywhere as long as their connected. And this leaded to many writers writing educational content.

-Local blogs

As what I've said earlier, technology has affected the way we communicate. Now, people are taking advantage of it and publishes content to be read locally. It's efficient and can spread immediately, and that makes it a great tool when you want to reach your audience at a small amount of time.

-Networked blogs

From just a mere way to write an online journal; blogging has somewhat evolved into a tool for professional writers to publish their content and reach wide audience to make a living. Networked blogs are niche blogs that has several authors  that work together to take advantage of one blog to another.


The above type of blogs are today's most growing, you can observe that the content people publishes from their blogs is due to the rise of global changes.

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