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It's easy to set up a new blog and start writing posts but when it comes to really making it click and productive after you set it up it's harder than you've imagine. In this post, we'll tackle some ways to give your blog a head start and make it easy for you to ace out your competition even if you're blog is new.

By millions of blogs just hanging around the corner, it's not that easy to stand out from the crowd and make your blog get some attention. Probably, the most common reason is that most of the time when people create blogs, they just do it this way: Idea -> Blog Setup -> Posts -> Monetize -> Quit

After monetizing and seeing no results to their efforts, they tend to quit. Well, let's take it the proper way this time and give you'r blog a head start. Let's focus on the preparations before even installing/setting up your blog.

1.) Know your audience!

That's right, We can't assume that all people will want to read your blog posts. You'll absolutely need to think and know what type of readers your blog will have. In this way, you'll know where your blog will be going and you'll get a better impact on your readers if you know them.

2.) Know your competitors

Aside from knowing your readers, it's also a good idea to know your blog's possible competitors. You can do this by searching on Google using your blog's keywords or by browsing through BlogTopSites' blog directory on blogs with similar niche as yours. Try to find out what you can offer on your blog that your competitor is lacking.

3.) Write draft posts in advance

It's a good idea to write some posts even before setting up your blog. This way, new readers will have posts to browse in to even if your blog is new. And also, this way you'll have the head start on creating more post and avoid the delay by drafting posts in advance.

4.) Make a "coming soon" action

If you are in the process of making your blog, it's nice to have your site in a coming soon splash page. But be sure to put a call to action on it to get potential readers in advance. Create some flashy coming soon page with a schedule of when your blog would be open to public and don't forget to add capture forms so that you can get your reader's email address and send notices once your blog is available.

5.) Make a marketing plan

Lastly, you can boost your way on getting more readers for your blog by making a marketing plan. Just like creating a contest when your blog launches, this way you;re giving a more vibrant community out of your blog and it's a good start on building an audience base.


It's actually not hard as you think so, it's better when you're prepared than getting lost in the middle of blogging.

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