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With many blogs just lying around the corner, there are those that stay unnoticed and some that are not even bothered to be viewed by potential readers.Why? It's probably because of the things that is making their blog look less professional.

In this post, we'll look into that factors that affects your blog's credibility and we'll get into the idea of changing the way you design your blog and making it more professional just by removing some unnecessary contents and features from it.

Below are some of the things that is making your blog look uncool and is making your potential readers flew away:

-Copied content

It's by far the biggest factor why a lot of blog looks less professional. If you want to get your blog noticed, you need to have unique contents on your blog. Remember: content is the king. Copying other blog's content without legal permissions would just lead to your loss.

-Too many ads

A lot of bloggers try to place ads where they can for the reason of monetizing their blog and have more chances of their readers to click into it. But it's wrong! Ads will just make your blog visitors leave your blog immediately without even bothering to read your posts, as they will think that your blog is solely made out for your profit and not having a good content to read into at all.

-Too flashy

Having just the right design, layout and color scheme would just do it right. Avoid having too flashy designs by putting a lot of necessary images (like those animated gif's, etc). Make your content readable by presenting it neat and clean. Remember, it's your post that your readers is interested to and not on your blog's design.

-Too many Affiliate links

Yes, affiliate links too! Try to minimize the affiliate links you place on your blog. When writing a post about a products review, it is best to have the affiliate link just about the end part of the post or before the post. Putting a lot of links to a product your are affiliated with will turn down your readers.


With these in mind, try to minimize the those things that are making your blog look uncool and less professional. Try to focus on your content rather than your blog's flashy unnecessary designs.

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