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Single and pregnant in the big city.

Tags: pregnant, insemination, single, mom


Funny blog with random thoughts and free laughs.

Tags: college, entertainment, humor, fun, laugh


Wierd Stuff Wierd Videos

Tags: Weird stuff, Wierd videos


Cartoons drawn on strips of toilet paper that make fun of my wife and three sons.

Tags: Cartoons, Toilet paper, comics, family, funnies


Observations from the life of a teacher and single mother about ridiculous things that happen (i.e.,.. glueing fingers together while trying to put on fake fingernails, funny things students say to me,.. getting lost, puberty)

Tags: humor, tweens, teachers, students, life

127. Amyoops


Things I find Funny

Tags: funny, humor, jokes, picture



Tags: news, humor, interesting, unusual, funny


Can you imagine this? unbelieving and mind blowing stories around the world, call it weird? I call.. it creepy and believe me they are real.

Tags: weird, creepy, uncanny, unbelievable, shocking


Bizarreville features biting satire, sarcasm, irreverent political humor, and outrageous shenanigans.. from a whimsical place not so far away. Citizens of Bizarreville are a collection of exaggerated.. misfits, somewhat akin to real world misfits.

Tags: satire, political humor, whimsy, sarcasm, parody


Stories about embarrassment, shitting yourself, masturbation, strippers, humiliation, and injured.. genitalia. You will laugh, you will gag, you will sport wood. How many blogs can say that? Some.. names have been changed to protect the slutty.

Tags: embarrassment, masturbation, humiliation, crude, potty

134. SNAP


Snap is a collection of Fun pictures, Cartoons, Jokes and amzing pictures, photos and fun related.. informations

Tags: Snap, Fun, Pics, amazing, photos


A blog dedicated to the world of bizarre and offbeat books.

Tags: weird, bizarre, fail, books


Humorous observations on life through the eyes of a 40-something, happily married father of three.. who possesses a quick wit and even quicker reflexes (which I have to with three kids under the ages.. 12).

Tags: funny, comedy, observational, father humor, family humor


Guff from a Gentleman Mix Master

Tags: Tales, Chip Shop, Fringe, Mix Master, Guff


A voice for waiters and waitresses in. Manhattan Every night there is another one: a break-up, a.. walk-out, a bad tip. Life in the Big Apple is unbelievable and I'll be chronicling the good the.. bad and the 86'd

Tags: new york city, rant, nycwaitress, waitress, manhattan

139. Funny Gang


Funny Gang, Funny Pictures, Funny Quotes, Funny Vids, Funny Videos, Funny Animations, Funny Jokes,.. Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris Jokes, Funny Chuck Norris Jokes, Funny, Funny News, Funny Stuff,.. funnygang, Funny Site, Funny Pictures, Funniest Site Ever,

Tags: Funny Pics, Funny Videos, Funny Animations, Funny Gang, Funny Jokes


1000's of funny pictures and photos in the archive from a variety of categories.

Tags: funny, pictures, photos, pics, images

141. Invasion


The aliens want to eliminate our planet, and blog the process day by day. "Your deformed,.. porn oriented life is over. The time of man is over! (For politicians and brokers: yes, time is.. money, and it means, that you will have losses as well.)&quo

Tags: UFO, Alien, Humor, Story, Fun


An unconventional occupational connoisseur blogs to conquer her fears of sharing her shady past.. publicly Topics of interest include The Naked Writers wild escapades in Exotic Dancing Gambling.. Cosmetic Surgery Tantra Yoga and Pizza Delivery

Tags: sarcastic, funny, yoga, exotic, poker


an experience of self-defense that never experienced diving in the world live.

Tags: selfdefense, sucsess, hard worker, honest, never give up

144. Gizeroon


Daily humor on various topics. Fake celebrity interviews. "Dear Letters" to anyone.

Tags: humor, satire, celebrity, current events, news


Retail Sucks. This is my blog to tell people who shop at major retail stores how STUPID they are,.. as well as highlight the idiocy of some employees and most upper management in these big chain.. stores.

Tags: retail, sucks, customer, consumer, employee


This blog was designed for entertainment with the funniest jokes, hindi entertainment, clean and.. adult joke content, chutkule, one-liners jokes, chutkule,hot jokes, comedy move and entertainment.

Tags: Jokes, Humor, Hindi Jokes, Comedy, Entertainment


Sex on toast and all the other good things that life brings. The blog of Moose and Spoon..

Tags: funny, teen, sexuality, moose, spoon


Funny screenshots and posts about what goes on in chat rooms, Facebook and other sites fun to troll.. around on. Trolling, trashing and trapsizing.

Tags: funny, screenshot, chat, chat rooms, trolling


Sunshinediary is another random humor-blogg about things that happen all the time. It's about.. seeing the bright side of life and get a laugh everyday. And also about illustrations. A little bit.. of my opinions too.

Tags: awesome, comics, language, weird, sarcasm


The Place for Answers to "Why?" Intelligent, provocative, silly. The blogchild of a.. Social Worker and a Nihilist. Nothing matters, except everything.

Tags: funny, philosophy, answers, society, cool

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