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Tokyo,Japan 104

The picture of which I took a picture in winter. A bird and a flower are beautiful.In January of this year, I went to a "Setagaya flea market".It was forgot to upload it.Komazawa, SetagayaNozawa, SetagayaOkutamaMt.FujiShimouma, SetagayaNozawa, Setaga...
by NAMA WASAVI on Aug 22, 2016

Nice place in Japan 002

I (Japanese) write it about favorite spots in Japan.This time is part 2. There are many places I like. → *"PART.1"Okinawa, Tokyo, Kyoto, Komazawa.I'm poor at English. I'm sorry."SESOKO ISLAND", OKINAWAI(NAMA WASAVI) like Okinawa very much.You dev...
by NAMA WASAVI on Mar 14, 2016

Tokyo,Japan 103

by NAMA WASAVI on Jan 7, 2016

Tokyo,Japan 102

If you are walking the Tokyo may unexpectedly encounter the shrine.It is not a tourist destination.But what wonderful such a place.Ikejiri, SetagayaIkejiri, SetagayaIkejiri, SetagayaIkejiri, SetagayaIkejiri, SetagayaIkejiri, SetagayaIkejiri, Setagaya...
by NAMA WASAVI on Dec 21, 2015

Tokyo,Japan 101

Familiar every time,It is a photograph of Tokyo back road.It still is confused!Ikejiri, SetagayaIkejiri, SetagayaIkejiri, SetagayaIkejiri, SetagayaIkejiri, SetagayaIkejiri, SetagayaIkejiri, SetagayaIkejiri, SetagayaIkejiri, SetagayaIkejiri, SetagayaI...
by NAMA WASAVI on Dec 16, 2015

Tokyo,Japan 100

Finally we celebrated the 100th Tokyo blog!Thank you for always reading!At 100 th celebration, I will upload the photos of Japanese Shrine-festival!Festival of Japanese shrine, will be held on time usually in September."Komatsunagi Jinja / shrine" &n...
by NAMA WASAVI on Dec 13, 2015

Tokyo,Japan 098

It is a back road of the town that I live in.Narrow, small, old, dense to have housing.It is Tokyo.Takaban, MeguroIkejiri, SetagayaGohongi, MeguroGohongi, MeguroGohongi, MeguroGohongi, MeguroGohongi, MeguroTakaban, MeguroTakaban, MeguroTakaban, Megur...
by NAMA WASAVI on Dec 5, 2015

Tokyo,Japan 097

It is a shrine that is in a small town.Here, there is a memorial of the old Japanese soldier (kamikaze pilots).Setagaya Kan-non ( 世田谷観音 )〒154-0002 Shimouma 4-9-4, Setagaya, Tokyo"Setagaya Kan-non", Setaga...
by NAMA WASAVI on Nov 13, 2015

Tokyo,Japan 093

Very nice sight!I was taken with iphone, but I was able to take beautiful pictures.Sunset and lover. Yeah, great.Futako-Tamagawa, SetagayaFutako-Tamagawa, SetagayaFutako-Tamagawa, SetagayaFutako-Tamagawa, SetagayaFutako-Tamagawa, SetagayaKichijoji, M...
by NAMA WASAVI on Oct 30, 2015

Tokyo,Japan 089

A little while ago, I was working in Shinjuku company.Commuting rush of time, I remember was a very in many people.And Shinjuku of scenery, is a night photograph of the residential area.ShinjukuShinjukuShinjukuShinjukuShinjukuShimomeguro, MeguroNozaw...
by NAMA WASAVI on Aug 24, 2015

Tokyo,Japan 088

It is the state of the people of Tokyo Station.Everyone is crazy about mobile phone.In Japan, everyone is crazy about mobile phone even where to go.And this time Tokyo Station, is the introduction of the nearby shrine of my house."Tokyo Station" (東...
by NAMA WASAVI on Aug 17, 2015

Tokyo,Japan 084

It is the introduction of the Tsukiji market.I also went for the first time.But, unfortunately, "Tsukiji auction" was not able to see."Tsukiji Market" Tsukiji, Chuou (築地市場)"Tsukiji Market" Tsukiji, Chuou (築地市場)"Tsukiji Market" Tsukiji...
by NAMA WASAVI on Aug 1, 2015

Tokyo,Japan 083

Prior to also Tamagawa river I was introduced.It is a very good place as a river in the city center.If tired of urban hustle and bustle, let's go to this location."Tamagawa River" Futakotamagawa, Setagaya (多摩川)"Tamagawa River" Futakotamagawa, S...
by NAMA WASAVI on Jul 27, 2015

Tokyo,Japan 082

Tokyo is everywhere, many, many people shop.It is an advantage, it is also a disadvantage.Since I live in Tokyo much, I would want to go to a place few people.Daikan-yama, MeguroTamagawa, SetagayaTamagawa, SetagayaTamagawa, SetagayaTamagawa, Setagaya...
by NAMA WASAVI on Jul 25, 2015

Tokyo,Japan 079

Tokyo residential area of the night is bright.(It depends on the location.)Setagaya area is almost like the of the lie that was the fields and mountains and valleys and swamps.Shimouma, SetagayaShimouma, SetagayaShimouma, SetagayaShimouma, SetagayaSh...
by NAMA WASAVI on Jul 12, 2015

Tokyo,Japan 078

When I was a child, in the evening we were able to go home.When it comes to adults, it will somehow slow down time to go home.It is because of Tokyo! lolShimouma, SetagayaShimouma, SetagayaShimomeguro, MeguroShimomeguro, MeguroShimomeguro, MeguroShim...
by NAMA WASAVI on Jul 1, 2015

Tokyo,Japan 076

Setagaya, the park There are so many.Strange park, small park, a large park, forest park, scary park, etc.By the way, Japan is very hot now.Shimouma, SetagayaShimouma, Setagaya"Setagaya Park" (世田谷公園)"Setagaya Park" (世田谷公園...
by NAMA WASAVI on Jun 22, 2015

Tokyo,Japan 067

In Tokyo, there are a lot of old housing.And, some people called the estate mania prefer it.However, the sight of inorganic concrete lined countless is prison like.I can not be in love.This said landscape, we darken the Japanese atmosphere.Shimouma,...
by NAMA WASAVI on Jun 2, 2015

Tokyo,Japan 066

Continuation of a last article in Gotokuji.It's really nice here, isn't it?It isn't crowded because it isn't too famous. Quiet.It may be unsuitable for sightseeing, but I like me.There is also a cat and."Goutoku-ji", Setagaya ( 豪徳寺 )"Goutoku-ji...
by NAMA WASAVI on Jun 1, 2015

Tokyo,Japan 065

by NAMA WASAVI on May 31, 2015

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