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Galileo Galilei: Filosofía Natural, Ciencia

by SS-CCSS on Nov 20, 2016

USA: Physical Geography: geographical features

by SS-CCSS on Nov 19, 2016

Slavery in the movies

12 años de EsclavitudEspartacoRaícesSticoAmazing GraceEl Color PurpuraAmistadEsclavitud (Cine y Tv) en Filmaffinity...
by SS-CCSS on Jan 15, 2016

Europe in 2100 (by Jay Simons): mapping sea level rise after dramatic climatic change

Europe in 2100(version 1.0) by JaySimons on DeviantArt...
by SS-CCSS on Nov 8, 2015

Definir en Historia

Definir en historia from Daniel Gómez Valle...
by SS-CCSS on Oct 19, 2015

Cambio Climático (Serie en Canal Odisea, desde el 29/01/2015, los jueves a la 23 horas

YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY 40' from AMC Networks International on Vimeo.
by SS-CCSS on Feb 11, 2015

Africa: Political Map

by SS-CCSS on Jan 12, 2015

Gladiator (Film directed by Ridley Scott, 2000): Batalla en Germania (2ª)

by SS-CCSS on Nov 5, 2014

Halloween: Witches, old rites and modern fun. By Candida Moss (Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity) -BBC: Religion and Ethics-

> Read the article hereTry the Hallowen cake recipe...
by SS-CCSS on Oct 31, 2014

Rome : A History of the Eternal City 3/3 (Simon Sebag Montefiore. BBC, 2012)

by SS-CCSS on Oct 31, 2014

Ancient Rome (Crash Course, 10. By John Green, 2012)

by SS-CCSS on Oct 31, 2014

Christianity from Judaism to Constantine (Crash Course, 11. By John Green, 2012)

by SS-CCSS on Oct 31, 2014

Europe: 45 European countries ordered by area

by SS-CCSS on Sep 23, 2014

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