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100th Day Baek-il (백일) Hanbok Rentals

Korean 100th day birthday (Baek-il) continues to be favored tradition among Koreans and Korean Americans alike. One hundred days after a baby is born, Koreans have a small feast to celebrate the baby's survival and health. The celebration is usually...
by Little Seouls on Apr 11, 2016

Learn how to wear a Children's Hanbok

Watch and listen in Korean and see how to wear a girl and boy's hanbok.
by Little Seouls on Mar 23, 2010

Adorable Hand-made Hanbok

Look what a friend of ours did! She made a 100th day hanbok and first birthday "dol" hanbok for her daughter! Instead of the traditional 2 piece hanbok, she made hers a one-piece dress style. Her daughter (pictured above) just looks gorgeous in it. C...
by Little Seouls on Mar 7, 2010

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