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Be a wise spender during the holidays

You just got your much-awaited 13th month pay. You’re happy and very much eager to spend it on some things you’ve been longing to do—or buy—a couple of months earlier. But hold your horses! As with any other things in this world, money will a...
by DULDULAO DOT NET on Dec 19, 2016

Swabeng Thoughts: 13th Month Pay - Save or Splurge?

It was 2008 the last time I received my 13th month pay while working in a call center. Fast forward today, its been almost 5 years and I couldn't hold my excitement in receiving my well-deserved extra pay. Well, I could have received it a few times b...

13th Month Pay

The 13th month pay is a mandatory payment given to employees who have worked in an institution. Whether the work has been more than a year or a month, each employee is entitled to receive their 13th... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my web...

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