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The Spirit of District Six: 32 Interesting Black and White Photographs Capture Everyday Life of Cape Town, South Africa in 1970

Now in his 70s, the South African photographer Cloete Breytenbach began working as a journalist on an Afrikaans-language newspaper in Cape Town in 1951 and went on to an international career. But Cape Town remained his home base, and “District Six,...
by Vintage Everyday on Dec 10, 2015

Campers catiously feeding hungry bear inside their Winnebago at Great Smoky Mountains, 1972

by Vintage Everyday on Dec 6, 2015


Indie rock band from Sheffield, built up around frontman Jarvis Cocker, who never very clearly contradicted rumors that he is a brother or a cousin of Joe Cocker – even though the only thing that relates Jarvis to Joe is that they are both from She...
by Band Name Explained on Nov 29, 2015

Styx - The long way home

Masters in mixing rock genres (prog, power, hard) with elements originating from the American theatre world.The band from Chicago, Illinois accepted its name with some reluctance after a list of alternatives had been presented to the members.Accordin...
by Band Name Explained on Nov 21, 2015


Rock band with a soft spot for jangle pop, coming from Athens, Georgia. Named after the novel by William Faulkner from 1935.Active: 1978-1983; 1989-1991; 2004-present, USASite:
by Band Name Explained on Nov 19, 2015

Childhood Memories Friday: Top 1970s Vintage TV Shows

Popular 1970s television shows are familiar to me, having spent ages 6 to 16 in the decade. If it’s true that TV rots the mind, I guess mine should be almost gone by now, because I remember watching quite a bit of TV as a child, and loving it.
by Girls in White Dresses on Nov 6, 2015

The Vampire Gimlet

Happy Halloween, you little goblins! In honor of the holiday, I whipped up something in my cauldron (and by cauldron, I mean cocktail shaker). The VAMPIRE GIMLET! This recipe is courtesy of Miss Marvelous Memories (and, Smirnoff Vodka). She picked &#...
by Dinner is Served! on Oct 28, 2015

See How Kids Used to Celebrate Halloween from the 1930s

Classic Halloween traditions like dressing up and carving pumpkins have been around for a while. Here, check out how kids in decades past celebrated the year's spookiest day.07 Oct 1930 --- Children carve their own pumpkins for Halloween on Oct 7...
by Vintage Everyday on Oct 23, 2015

Rare and Amazing Photographs of Iggy Pop Taken by His Girlfriend Esther Friedman from 1976 - 1982

Esther Friedman was Iggy Pop's girlfriend for seven years, from roughly 1976 to 1982. They met while Iggy was living in West Berlin with David Bowie, where the two Rock stars were hoping to dry out after a period of heavy drug use. Iggy and Bowie...
by Vintage Everyday on Oct 22, 2015

40 Interesting Black and White Photographs of Street Scenes of the U.S. from the 1960s and 1970s

Tony Marciante is a photographer from Brooklyn currently residing on the west coast who shoots some brilliant candid and cinematic images on the streets of major US cities.See more »...
by Vintage Everyday on Oct 21, 2015

83. Filet of Sole a la Lindor

I wrote this post on Sunday, October 4th. It was a special day. The Jets and the Dolphins played in London. At 9am. Let’s take a trip in the wayback machine… I got up this morning at 8:30, finished up … Continue reading →...
by Dinner is Served! on Oct 20, 2015

Never Seen Photos of London's Clubland from between the Mid 1970s and Early 1980s

From Punks to New Romantics, the decade between the mid-70s and mid-80s produced a kaleidoscope of styles and tribes. Graham Smith was at the centre of this creative cult. He designed its record sleeves, cultivated its graphics and captured its chara...
by Vintage Everyday on Oct 20, 2015

10 Super Song Facts about "Angie" by The Rolling Stones You Probably Didn't Know

"Angie" is a song by The Rolling Stones, featured on their 1973 album Goats Head Soup. Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and recorded in November and December 1972, "Angie" is an acoustic-guitar-driven ballad which tells o...
by Vintage Everyday on Oct 20, 2015

12 Amazing Vintage Photos of The Moon and Apollo Missions

Apollo 15 embarked in July of 1971 and was the fourth mission in which humans walked on the moon. Two astronauts, Commander David R. Scott and LM (Lunar Module) pilot James B. Irwin, were shown during their 4 days on the lunar surface. Shortly therea...
by Vintage Everyday on Sep 11, 2015

The Dawn of Technology – 11 Amazing Vintage Computer Reviews from the Pages of BYTE Magazine

Technology moves at a rapid pace and looking back at reviews from many years ago may seem like a crazy idea. Here are some pretty ancient copies of BYTE Magazine, via Pingdom Royal, to take a look at what reviewers thought about new computers and oth...
by Vintage Everyday on Sep 10, 2015

The World of Elvis Jumpsuits: 68 Pictures of Elvis Presley Performing in His Iconic Jumpsuits during the 1970s

The suits are organized by the years that Elvis wore them, to show his progression in selecting the jumpsuits for each season. Some were used for several years, others for only a few tours. Here, we take a look back at The King of Rock and Roll's...
by Vintage Everyday on Sep 10, 2015

Everyday Life of Hong Kong through Vintage Found Photos in February 1970

Amazing vintage photos were found by Mark Susina below showed a part of everyday life of Hong Kong in February 1970.See more »...
by Vintage Everyday on Sep 9, 2015

These Surprising Photos of Young Vladimir Putin Give You a Rarely Seen Look at Russia's Leader

Details of Putin's early life can be hard to find, in part because of his obscure background and his later work with the KGB, and much of what is known of his earlier days comes from him and his friends at the time. The photos below of Putin as a...
by Vintage Everyday on Sep 9, 2015

32 Rare and Adorable Childhood Photos of President Barack Obama from between the 1960s and Early 1970s

A collection of rare and adorable photos show the future President's early childhood...Barack Obama as an infant, 1961.Barack Obama as a toddler, 1962.Little Obama is seen playing in the ocean as a child.Barack Obama is seen as a child with his m...
by Vintage Everyday on Sep 8, 2015

Paparazzi Secrets – The Real Stories Behind 7 Amazing Shots by Celebrity Photographer Ron Galella

Ron Galella is widely regarded as the most famous and most controversial celebrity photographer in the world—he’s been dubbed “Paparazzo Extraordinaire” by Newsweek, and “the Godfather of U.S. paparazzi culture” by Time and Vanity Fair. H...
by Vintage Everyday on Sep 8, 2015

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