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Black Wedge Showcase + The New Shopping App You Need

I love that wedges are in right now. Wedges = the original hedge: you want sexy heels, but you also want to be able to walk more than 40 feet without being laid up all day tomorrow.  Solution: wear a wedge! I had a pair that really suited me from Ch...

The Top Fashion Trends for Spring 2016

This spring is set to have some of the best fashion trends yet, with many continuing over from last year’s top trends. Already, fashion designers have been working hard on bringing out new spring lines, and amongst the top looks this spring we can...
by Lipstick and Luxury on Mar 29, 2016

Fall 2016- when the Streets are alive

Fall is the period when the hot temperature comes into the cool zone. The rich cherry trees set the mood towards wearing cherry red attires. The autumn foliage is a splendor to behold as seen in the women’s choice of clothing. Mid skirts in various...
by Gemstone Beads Buying Guide on Jan 29, 2016

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