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Illusions in Iran: Surreal 3D Murals Transform Urban Tehran

The blank concrete facades of urban Tehran offer an irresistible canvas for playful large-scale murals that seem to bend reality in unexpected ways. A city of ...
by WebUrbanist on Jul 25, 2014

Fake Facades: Transformative Murals Make Cities Vibrant

You might think you see a stone turret, a bunch of celebrities hanging out on a balcony, construction in progress or a man precariously dangling from a clock, ...
by WebUrbanist on May 26, 2014

3D Street Art , Rennes, France.

by Nature 2 Beauty on May 31, 2013

Megunhatatlan 3D...

Hát igen a megunhatatlan (legalábbis számomra) 3D street art. Mindig találok egy arra érdemes művészt, akinek az alkotásai valamiért megtetszenek, valami megfog bennük. Lehet a stílus, az egyszerűség, vagy akár az ötletesség. Tehát m...
by Házi Manó on Apr 23, 2013

La Laguna Festival 2013: 3D Street Art Painting

The La Laguna Festival 2013 is currently on going. To see the complete schedule of events, click here. The 3D Street Art Painting was held during the festival's soft opening last March 8, 2013 at the provincial capitol of Laguna. Now, I don't h...
by Kurizutin on Mar 10, 2013

Amazing 3D street illusion

Amazing 3D illusion paintings by German artist Manfred Stader served as backdrops that people can take incredible and creative photos. Next Pages Related Posts Amazing Picture (Illusion) Amazing Blink Fast Illusion!! Amazing optical illusion –...
by Amazing Data on Aug 10, 2012

3D Snoopy And Friends On Zebra Crossing

This is an amazing 3D street art, features Snoopy and friends crossing road like The Beatles’ Abbey Road zebra crossing. Hit the jump to see the real picture of the 3D image.
by Funky Downtown on Jul 21, 2012

Αριστουργήματα του δρόμου

by on May 15, 2012

3D street art by Edgar Mueller 2

Is mаstеr оf thrее-dimеnsiоnаl illusiоn strееt аrt. hе usеs wаshаblе раint оr сhаlk with thе strееt аs his hugе саnvаs. if оnе lооks frоm thе right sроt, his thrее-dimеnsiоnаl раintings bесоmеs thе р...
by Top_10_List on Mar 12, 2012

3D street art by Edgar Mueller

An amazing scene created by pavement artist Edgar Mueller in  Geldern Germany. Hard to believe it is just street art. It is veri beautiful . very cool...
by Top_10_List on Mar 10, 2012

Εκπληκτικές 3D οφθαλμαπάτες

Υπέροχες 3D οφθαλμαπάτες από τον πρώην scientific illustrator της NASA, Kurt Wenner.
by on Feb 9, 2012

Awesome 3d Graffiti Street Art

if called with 3d street art, I feel this is more akin to painting 3d street art. yes, street art or street painting already exists in Europe since the 16th century. I respect street painters who could paint like a 3D realistic street art under the b...
by New Grafity Art Image on Dec 24, 2010

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