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홀로그램으로 브라질 올림픽을 응원한 루지 국가대표 선수들

by Photo and Story on Aug 14, 2016

AT&T ya se prepara para el 5G

AT&T ya se prepara para el 5G Voceros de AT&T aseguran que 14GB por segundos en transmisión de datos ya es posible. También afirman que la tecnología 5G es real. Según las mismas voces autorizadas, la velocidad de conexión que se podrá...
by Technos on Jul 21, 2016

Samsung develops RF Technology for 5G Devices

Samsung Electronics, a leading provider of mobile telecommunications infrastructure today announced the development of breakthrough 5G-ready antenna and power amplifier technologies to enable smaller, more energy efficient 5G equipment and devices. T...
by Smart Glass on Jun 29, 2016

Frequenze 700 MHz, l’Ue concede due anni in più alle Tv

L’Ue ha fissato la liberazione della banda 700 MHz dalla televisione terrestre entro il 30 giugno 2020, ma lo Switch-off potrà chiudersi nel 2022 a certe condizioni. I singoli Stati membri avranno la possibilità di ritardare questa data di du...
by Tv Digital Divide on May 25, 2016

WIS2016 돌아보기 KT 5G,IoT,VR 신기술 체험장

국내에서 열리는 IT 전시회중 하나인 2016WIS(WORLD IT SHOW)가 5월 17일부터 열리고 있습니다. 매년 하반기에 열리는 한국전자전과 함께 IT업계에서 가장 큰 전시회이기도 합니다. 통신사중 KT와 SKT...
by Photo and Story on May 19, 2016

VR시대 성큼 KT GIGA VR 야구생중계 직접 체험해보니

by Photo and Story on Apr 6, 2016

Lanzamientos de Samsung para el #MWC2016

Además de smartphones, presentará adelantos relacionado con 5G, e IoT.
by PoderPDA on Feb 19, 2016

AT&T preparing to test 5G technologies in Texas by the end of the year… Move is well ahead of industry standard for faster 5G AT&T announced today it will begin field trials of faster 5G wireless technology this summer in Austin, Texas. The 3GPP industr...
by web networkings on Feb 18, 2016

Get set for 5G as testing commences

It doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago since we were all talking about the world of 3G and then 4G and now we’re all getting ready for the next high speed... The post Get set for 5G as testing commences appeared first on E3 Mobile Blogs.
by E3 Mobile Blog on Feb 17, 2016

AT&T to Test 5G Technology This Summer

AT&T is gearing up to test fifth-generation cellular technology this summer in a bid to bring higher speeds to its customers. The wireless provider said it will partner with Ericsson and Intel as it experiments with 5G technology in its labs begi...
by SiteProNews on Feb 12, 2016

Frequenze tv, Ue: banda 700 MHz per il 5G entro 2020

La Commissione Europea ha deciso: dal 30 giugno del 2020 la banda dei 700 MHz, utilizzata in Italia e nella maggior parte degli altri Paesi Ue per le frequenze tv della televisione digitale terrestre, dovrà andare alla banda larga mobile, aprendo la...
by Tv Digital Divide on Feb 3, 2016

5G and Haptic Internet

5G is widely anticipated as a game changer for many reasons including a few low-latency dependent applications such as those that utilize Haptic Internet. Next generation Internet applications will be tactile and responsive to non-verbal communicatio...
by Store4G Blog on Jan 5, 2016

Ericsson and China Mobile Launch 5G Collaboration

Ericsson and China Mobile Research Institute want to drive early applications of 5G mobile network technology. The two signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on 5G research and development, including the development of a new 5G air inter...
by Store4G Blog on Jan 4, 2016

Koneksi 5G Klaim Lebih Cepat 50x dari Koneksi 4G LTE

Walaupun jaringan 4G LTE belum tersebar secara rata di seluruh pelosok daerah di  Indonesia, kini kabarnya penerus jaringan tersebut, 5G tengah dikaji dan dikembangkan oleh salah satu perusahaan operator telekomunikasi terkenal di Amerika Serikat, V...
by Kabar Ponsel on Sep 29, 2015

Why say no after 4G 5G it?

Before you start to talk about this topic in the history of wireless communicationsMobile Technology G, E, 3G, 3G +, H, H + or 4G BD To facilitate us to understand, starting with the terminal side, that is, we usually use the phone starts, so we...
by 4G BD on Sep 4, 2015

Samsung Electronics and LG partner for 5G

Samsung Electronics announced that it will partner with Korean telecommunications operator LG U+ to jointly develop 5G technology, in a move that will further strengthen both companies. The agreement will also enhance Korea’s global leadership in 5...
by Smart Glass on Jun 28, 2015

Amid the ruins of Syria, is Bashar al-Assad now finally facing the end?

(Media Release) One evening at the end of March, a Syrian rebel leader returned from a meeting across the border in Turkey and called an urgent gathering of his commanders. The five men turned up at their boss’s house in Idlib province expecting to...
by Free PR Online on May 29, 2015

5G Services in India

5G Services in India – 100 x faster than LTE What is 5G Technology NGMN ( Next Generation Mobile Networks ) Alliance defines 5G as : Data rates of several tens of Mb/s should... The post 5G Services in India appeared first on Smartf...
by Smart Glass on Mar 23, 2015

Noua tehnologie 5G din viitor

Rezultatele sunt similare cu standardul impus pentru 5G, desi aceasta tehnologie va aparea abia peste 5 ani! In urma cu un an, CEO-ul Artemis Network, Steve Perlman, a anuntat ca startupul sau lucreaza la o tehnologie care va face conexiunea de inter...
by blogwiki on Feb 25, 2015

Operator Seluler Jepang Uji Coba Teknologi Jaringan 5G

Belum lagi di negeri teknologi 4G – LTE yang notabene merupakan teknologi jaringan seluler tercepat saat ini dapat dinikmati di seluruh pelosok negeri, kini sebuah perusahaan atau provider seluler di jepang melakukan uji coba tekonologi jaringa...

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