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Minimum Wage Is Just Unfair

I’ve been reading about the minimum-wage increase to $15.00-an-hour in Seattle lately and the most important point made on the issue that I have read is in an op-ed by Will Hutton in The Guardian. The campaigners had two important replies to th...
by Sparking the Left on Jun 7, 2014

Countering the Right: Insidious Koch Brothers Attack on Detroit Bankruptcy Settlement

A prime example of the absurd economic inequality in the U.S. has reared its ugly head as the Koch brothers apparently got bored and have decided to throw money at the Detroit bankruptcy settlement in an effort to deceive the 99%. Their first tactic...
by Sparking the Left on May 20, 2014

This is A Terrific Metaphor for Our 1% Versus 99% Country

The difficult thing about income inequality in the United States is that it's linked to social dynamics embedded in our culture. The Super Bowl is a terrific example. The following videos discuss: Superbowl Economics, TV Viewership versus Actual...
by Henry Sullivan on Feb 3, 2014

Some Very Informative Charts on Growing Income Inequality

The Census Bureau released data on income inequality recently and Mother Jones put together some charts showing the results of the research (linking one here but more good ones in the article).  It’s very clear how this is continuing to shrink...
by Sparking the Left on Sep 18, 2013

EU Makes Another Interesting Move to Balance Income Inequality in Times of Crisis

The European Union again proved they are willing to take much more aggressive action than the United States when it comes to putting the burden of financial crises on the backs of the wealthy instead of on the people at the bottom of the economic lad...
by Sparking the Left on Jun 27, 2013

Former Enron Exec Uses $$$ to Reduce Sentence

I didn’t believe this one when I saw it but former Enron criminal Jeffrey Skilling received a decade off his sentence for surrendering assets the government had already seized. From the article: Enron’s collapse wiped out more than $2bn i...
by Sparking the Left on Jun 21, 2013

The King That Was and the King That Wasn’t: Martin Luther King Jr. vs. capitalism, militarism and racism – then and now (Part 2 of 3)

Preceded by The King That Was and the King That Wasn’t: Martin Luther King Jr. vs. capitalism, militarism and racism – then and now (Part 1 of 3)     When the extraordinary life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is … Continue reading ...
by U.S. Hypocrisy on Jan 20, 2013

Islands of High Income

Browse more data visualization. All About Infographics...
by All About Infographics on Nov 30, 2012

Thursday Talks – Occupy Wall Street buying off debt to forgive it

Thursday Talks – Occupy Wall Street buying off debt to forgive it is a post from: Living the Heart's Desire: Art, Video, & Healing for Spiritual Awakening...

You Say You Want a Revolution

You say you want a revolutionWell, you knowWe all want to change the worldYou tell me that it's evolutionWell, you knowWe all want to change the worldBut when you talk about destructionDon't you know that you can count me outDon't you know it's gonna...
by About Race on Nov 5, 2012

The Glamorous Life

You are probably wondering, and have been wondering for some time, if you read my writing... "Why the hell does she think her life is glamorous?" Um, I don't. In fact, I don't believe anyone has a glamorous life. Here's the facade of my life: I'...
by The Glamourous Life on Oct 16, 2012

Laughing Matters: Our 99% Solution For Negative Political Ads

Something each of us can do to cleanup American politics whether we're Democrats, Independents or Republicans.
by friday coming soon on Jul 23, 2012

Short Shorts: Flagler, Tuberculosis Rick and Nan Rich

Yahelp!  Check Sucuri here to verify if your Yahoo account has been compromised as a result of the recent password leak.I was a member of the 1% for oh say, 45 minutes.  No lotto win, no dollars dropping from the sky.  I simply toured...
by Talk to Me on Jul 13, 2012

BNI Tawarkan Suku Bunga KPR 6,99%

type='html'> SEMARANG, - Guna mendorong kepemilikan rumah di wilayah Jateng dan DIY, BT Bank Nasional Indonesia (BNI) menggelar BNI Gelegar Expo. Pameran ini diikuti beberapa pengembang rumah kelas menengah atas, terutama yang berm...
by adminutama on May 14, 2012

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on the Issues

Below is an overview highlighting where Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney stand on a variety of issues as of May 2012.
by America For Purchase on May 10, 2012

Existential Psychology & Narcissism - Mini-Quiz For The 99%

EXCERPT FROM Your Search For A Meaningful Life  DOWNLOAD FOR FREE When we use existential as in existential psychology, existential alienation or an existential vacuum, we the authors mean only that the topic under discussion relates to the sat...

D. Alexander Bullock to Speak at Detroit May Day Protest

Press Release Photo Credit-Rainbow Push Detoit (DETROIT) – Today, D. Alexander Bullock will stand with members of Occupy Detroit and other local activist groups in celebration of May... Visit "ROJS News" right now to read more of this story...

Why we should care about income inequality

I don’t want to get into the argument of the 1% versus the 99% because I think the issue, unaddressed, will hurt 100% of us. The issue is income inequality in the United States, and the good news is I’m not asking anyone to trust my economic argu...
by Hey, it's Pat Ryan's blog! on Apr 24, 2012

The ‘Occupy’ secrets of immortality

Free Previews (we will NOT share/sell your email) HEREComments:By Frank J. Flemin of IMAOOccupy Wall Street is easily the greatest, most successful political movement in American history — a national phenomenon involving white, affluent college st...
by Robbing America on Feb 11, 2012

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