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Ejercitador AB Coaster como lo vi en TV

    $2,750.00   Envió gratis.   Contacto: Características: AB COASTER es el mejor ejercitador para esculpir el abdomen y reducir su cintura   Los ejercicios abdominales comunes trabajan de arriba hacia abajo...
by Plantas Purificadoras on Jul 7, 2014

Ab Coaster Home Abdominal Trainer – Review

Ab Coaster Home Abdominal Trainer – Product Review: The revolutionary Ab Coaster puts you on the fast track to great abs. This home version of the Ab Coaster–a commercial-quality unit is also available–works exactly the opposite fro...
by Fitness and Weight Loss on Apr 19, 2011

Ab Coaster – I Love This Thing!

I was just watching tv and saw a commercial for The Ab Coaster and I totally love it! It’s obviously just one of a million ab products, but for some reason I like this one and I’m going to consider ordering it. It’s the first ab mac...
by Abs and Flabs on Sep 22, 2009

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