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#SundaySolutions 1

After a chat with a co-author, I came up with this little nugget. #SundaySolutions is my quick, to the point, take on promotional materials authors use. Today Suggestion is about Teasers.  Consider cutting your teasers down to (at most) three, power...
by Author Cafe on Oct 2, 2016

Authors: Marketing Tip #1

Fruitful Friday #1 – Content is KING (or Queen, or if you are gender fluid – Royalty) In one of the novels, a character wrote a poem about the internet & social media. “I blame the internet for a great loss of originality and d...
by Author Cafe on Sep 9, 2016

Readers & ‘Reviews’ for Author Cafe

Dear Reader, You will find that I do not refer to your feedback as a review. Why is this? A culture has developed among reviewers to re-hash the storyline, often giving away major parts of the plots. The reviews are written clinically, technically an...
by Author Cafe on Sep 9, 2016

Welcome to Author Cafe.

Sit down, pause for a moment and get to grips with the extensive menu, if you will. First, let me explain how you can order your cake, eat it and have seconds. Marketing is not reliant on Social Media from this site. With extensive knowledge in the o...
by Author Cafe on Aug 28, 2016

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