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How Successful Are Your Business Operations?

How do you measure your business success? When was the last time you reviewed your business operations and accounting systems? Are you prepared for the changes in our complex business world today? Running your own business can present many challenges...
by Cash Flow Planning for Life on Dec 31, 2015

Before You Automate AP – Think About Your Accounting System – 5 Things

I don’t know why this has been true with my experience, but I normally don’t run into anyone that likes their accounting […]...
by AP Automation News on Aug 10, 2015

Accounting Systems – Are You Planning for the Future?

Are you satisfied with the success of your business? Does your business get the attention to details that it needs? Do you feel confident that you are addressing all the changes in today’s complex business world? Whether you are an entrepreneur or...
by Cash Flow Planning for Life on Jul 31, 2015

Home Business System 6: Accounting

We are in the process of looking at some of the systems you will need for your home business. These are home business systems that enable you to do business in a professional and profitable manner.
by Work @ Home Renegare on Aug 28, 2012

Define Cash and Accrual basis accounting

There are two types of accounting systems for recording receipts and payments of business. 1. Cash basis accounting. 2. Accrual basis accounting (also called mercantile basis accounting ). 1. Cash Basis accounting: “Entries are made only when cash...
by Basicaccounts on Jul 14, 2012

"Your Expense Report is Overdue!" - Interview with Parand Darugar, CEO of Xpenser

For one long time business traveler-turned-entrepreneur, trying to keep up with expense reports got to be too much. A solution was needed, so his company created it.
by friday coming soon on May 4, 2012

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