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A patients viewpoint can be a great help to others considering laser eye surgery

It is sometimes difficult to summarise what makes one clinic or service different from another. Once you get past the website and meet the people behind the clinic doors you begin to get a better understanding of what a clinic really stands for. Unfo...
by Laser Eye Surgery UK Blog on Nov 20, 2013

England Wicketkeeper Matt Prior voted England Cricketer of the Year for 2012-13

Matt Prior, aged 31 is the first England wicketkeeper to be voted England Cricketer of the Year. Matt underwent laser eye surgery at Accuvision in 2007 whilst recovering from a broken thumb. His improved vision since 2007 has helped Matt to sustain a...
by Laser Eye Surgery UK Blog on May 15, 2013

Matt Prior delivers another outstanding performance for England

Matt Prior managed to hit an unbeaten 110 runs to secure an unexpected draw against New Zealand and save England from defeat in the Test series. Hero of the match and the Test series for England,vice captain Matt Prior batted for four and a half hour...
by Laser Eye Surgery UK Blog on Mar 27, 2013

Essential Laser Eye Surgery to cure Astigmatism and Shortsightedness for Claire’s new job clearing Landmines!

Claire Reynolds had been using contact lenses for work and leisure but was always concerned about the hygiene part of it. A few years ago when Claire travelled to Mozambique when she was relying on her glasses, somebody came into her tent and accide...
by Laser Eye Surgery UK Blog on Jun 13, 2011

Love is…The Gift of Good Vision for your wedding day..and ever after

Sarrah’s dream was to marry in her beloved Egypt with all her family and friends around her. What she also wished for was not to worry any longer about wearing contact lenses or glasses for her wedding day and in the days, weeks and years after...
by Laser Eye Surgery UK Blog on Feb 9, 2011

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