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People with High Eye Prescriptions Can Receive Laser Eye Surgery

Every week we are reminded by visitors to our clinics how different we are to other clinics and how we positively impact patients lives through the technology and treatment plans we are able to offer for laser eye surgery. Only yesterday we had a gen...
by Laser Eye Surgery UK Blog on May 2, 2013

Sophie Kinsella delighted with her laser eye surgery from Accuvision

Sophie Kinsella’s latest book is coming out this week on 25th April. Entitled ‘Wedding Night’ it tells the tale of Lottie and Ben who made a pact in years gone by to marry if they were still single at thirty. Lottie decides to take...
by Laser Eye Surgery UK Blog on Apr 22, 2013

Matt Prior delivers another outstanding performance for England

Matt Prior managed to hit an unbeaten 110 runs to secure an unexpected draw against New Zealand and save England from defeat in the Test series. Hero of the match and the Test series for England,vice captain Matt Prior batted for four and a half hour...
by Laser Eye Surgery UK Blog on Mar 27, 2013

Matt Prior Scores Fantastic Century in 2nd Innings against India at Lords

When the going gets tough…Matt Prior gets going. Matt Prior used his very sharp vision acquired at Accuvision Laser Eye Surgery Clinics to put England back into a strong position in the first test at Lords. India had hurt England badly at the...
by Laser Eye Surgery UK Blog on Jul 25, 2011

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