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The iPhone 4’s Gyroscope Makes Augmented Reality Apps All the Better

Apple’s gyroscope chip in the new iPhone 4 has been under question for some people. Many stated that the compass is already ‘not fully utilized’, what’s more when we have the gyroscope in it. I also ponder on the usage of it f...
by 2dayBlog on Jul 21, 2010

What to do in London if you don’t have a map… or sense of direction

Acrossair’s Nearest Tube app locates your iPhone via GPS and then, using your video camera, tells you where the nearest underground stations. Personally, I think an old fashioned A-Z map does the job, but it’s an interesting use of the t...
by The Red Rocket on Mar 23, 2010

Ultimate Guide To iPhone Augmented Reality – Part III Browsers

Say augmented reality to any iPhone owner and they'll say Wikitude or Layar. A detailed scan through the appstore shows there are more browsers than any other category of mobile augmented reality application. We continue the ultimate guide to iPhone...
by Augmented Planet on Feb 9, 2010

[어플 리뷰] 기존의 증강현실 어플은 지워라! acrossair가 나간다.

아이폰을 구입하면서 제일 신기해 하는 것들 중에 단연 증강현실 애플리케이션들이다. 물론 심비안에도 볼 수 있는 애플리케이션들이 있지만 증강현실 애플리케이션이 국내에서 인기가 생...
by IT Gadget Impression on Jan 6, 2010

Augmented Reality In One Hour

Interested in learning more about augmented reality? Get some tips from a company that have no less than 10 augmented reality applications for the iPhone and find out more about their future roadmap.
by Augmented Planet on Nov 21, 2009

WorkSnug For The iPhone First Look

WorkSnug goes beyond just pointing you to the nearest coffee shop that has free wireless access as the team have actually visited many of the location and rated them for noise levels (no one wants to work in a really noise environment) as well as use...
by Augmented Planet on Nov 19, 2009

Augmented reality apps on hold until 3.1?

Filed under: iPhone , App Store It was only a couple of weeks ago that straphanger hopes for an augmented reality guide to the NYC subways were flying high... and now it looks like they may have to wait for Labor Day before they can amaze their frien...
by Tech News Center on Jul 25, 2009

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