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What Makes an Addict?

Addicts go to enormous effort to obtain and use their drugs in spite of the consequences. For example, professional athletes are paid millions of dollars to play football or baseball, ice-hockey or to run, with the knowledge that they’ll be ...
by Health and Fitness on Jul 11, 2014

American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown Says Bold Action on Public Policies Could Further Reduce Adult Smoking Rates

WASHINGTON, Sep 6, 2011 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) –Adult smoking rates are trending downward as more Americans stop and prevent addictive behaviors t ...
by Stop Me Smoking Now on Sep 28, 2011

Gastric Bypass Pros and Cons

by Sara Mendez According to, one third of the adult population in America is obese. Each year, obesity causes 300,000 deaths and 100 billion in healthcare costs. Gastric bypass and other similar surgeries are among the faste...
by Health and Fitness Articles on Apr 22, 2009

Spirituality and Awareness

The understanding, definition and perception of spirituality is subjective. Many will engage in the continuing development of a personal understanding of spirituality. The understanding of spirituality often involves a sense of a deeper self, or spir...

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