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Not too Far from Innocence

Jontue perfume ad scanned from Vogue UK, July 1981.
by Sighs and Whispers on Jun 30, 2012

Marketing with classified ads

The purpose of a promotion for profit of course yes. And there are so many ways of promoting your product. One is to use media such as blogs, either on your own blog or other blogs such as work or pay for services with ads in other people’s blo...
by Free Download Center on Jun 28, 2012

Beauty Babe: Her Favorite Lipstick

Kathleen Mary Quinlan ad scanned from Harper's Bazaar, February 1944.
by Sighs and Whispers on Jun 27, 2012


Looking for bellows? Try Bellows Reid Supply Company. They offer a wide choice of round or square bellows, all heat sealed for quality and made from polyurethane. They’ve got round, square and rectangular bellows so you really ought to check ou...
by The Musings of A Kitty on Jun 25, 2012


If you’re a fan of Emg products, you might want to check out the online store. They have a lot of EMG products such as guitar pickup sets. And the best thing is, the products are currently sold at discounter prices. So you might want to get you...
by The Musings of A Kitty on May 15, 2012

Fake Japanese Ad Mascots

by OmoshiroiTV on May 10, 2012

Ganar dinero con Facebook

Me encontré con este documento que decidí compartirlo por si es para el interés de algún iniciado en el tema y quiera compartir lo leído con nosotros.A partir de aquí el anuncio o pueden ir directamente a ( Ganar Dinero con Facebook) Esto Es Es...
by Vivir de Arriba on May 2, 2012

Something beautiful happens to your hair.

Farrah Fawcett Shampoo ad as scanned from Viva, December 1978.
by Sighs and Whispers on Apr 29, 2012

Kiss Me!

Gimme a big Mwwwuuuuaahhhh! Lol that’s the impression i would get with a brand by the name of Kiss Me. It’s a really adorable brand that came all the way from Japan, hence the main “mascott” would be this anime looking charact...
by Linora Low on Apr 27, 2012

Obama Launches War for Latino Voters With Spanish Ads (VIDEO)

Obama Launches War for Latino Voters With Spanish Ads (VIDEO)The ever-critical Latino vote is being heavily courted this election cycle. The voting bloc is key to a win for either President Obama or Mitt Romney, the presumed GOP nominee, later this y...
by Prune Juice Media on Apr 18, 2012

Why Mobile Ads in Emerging Markets are the Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are 5.3 billion mobile subscribers around the world, meaning 77% of the world’s population uses a phone. The majority of those users — 3.8 billion or 73% of the group — live in emerging economies. Yet mobile advertising dollars spent ar...
by Superscope Report on Apr 12, 2012

Agent 7.7 Mission 4

Previously The ballroom was filled to the brim with dignitaries from the embassy.  The villain was lurking amidst the crowd yet Agent 7.7 had to ensure he remains undetected. The sleek design of brushed metal makes him blend in perfectly with the o...
by Linora Low on Apr 9, 2012

Founded by Louis and Leca Maurivan Marriot in April 2011, the Designlov provides useful references and innovative designers and digital artists worldwide. Our main goal is to inform our readers about the latest trends.
by Inspiration Explosion on Apr 6, 2012

5 tips for attracting advertisers to your blog

Even though the idea of blogging started off as simply having a place from which to share your ideas with the world, it quickly blossomed into a pastime that can be turned into a profitable career. If you want to pursue a career as a professional blo...
by TechPatio on Apr 4, 2012

Greece Brings, Face-Filled Billboard to Times Square (Friday March 23, 2012)

A crowd-funded campaign is placing a giant billboard in Times Square Friday, urging tourists to visit Greece. The billboard, which is designed to highlight Greece’s beauty, was organized by volunteer group “Up Greek Tourism” on crowd-funding pl...
by Superscope Report on Mar 23, 2012

We Derrière You

Ad scanned from Cosmopolitan, March 1978.
by Sighs and Whispers on Mar 23, 2012

Agent 7.7 Mission 2

Previously Agent 7.7 is reviewing the photos he took of the day’s earlier pursuit. From the naked eye, it seems as if it was just a meeting between two men yet the Super AMOLED Plus screen reveals everything in minute details and it seems like a [.
by Linora Low on Mar 20, 2012

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