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Many of my fellow New Yorkers keep spreading the word that summer is ending soon. I’m not entirely sure if this is something that saddens me, or makes me thrilled ... » Lees meer The post WELCOME TO FALL appeared first on THEFASHIONGUITAR.
by THEFASHIONGUITAR on Sep 4, 2015


Note to self: Wear skinny jeans with nude heels more often. I don’t know what and when, but somewhere along the blogging-line I lost interest in wearing my ... » Lees meer The post THE TRUTH ABOUT SKINNY JEANS appeared first on THEFASHIONGUITAR.
by THEFASHIONGUITAR on Aug 27, 2015

Samsung GALAXY Note 5 Blog competition #StartWithNote5

Seperti kebiasaan Samsung pada umumnya, setiap tahun, selalu mengeluarkan 2 Varian Utama Produk Flagship nya, pada awal tahun biasanya meluncurkan ukuran yang lebih kecil terlebih dahulu. Produk yang sering kita kenal dengan seri Samsung GALAXY S dan...
by ID-JAUHARI on Aug 21, 2015


One pair of sunglasses, two looks. I usually don’t share two looks in one blog post, but today is the day I make an exception, because of these sunglasses. ... » Lees meer The post THE ROW “8” appeared first on THEFASHIONGUITAR.
by THEFASHIONGUITAR on Aug 20, 2015

AXA Family Advantage: Prenatal Insurance

Advertorial Pregnancies and Newborns can be complicated! Difficult pregnancies are not uncommon. and all of us have heard of such incidents happening to our friends and relatives. What if you can insure yourself about these risks and complications? W...
by Ed Unloaded on Aug 16, 2015

6 Manfaat Hebat Vitabumin

VitabuminSaat anak Anda mengalami tumbuh kembang, terutama di usia penting 0-5 tahun, selain pemberian ASI dan makanan bergizi, pemberian supleman berupa vitamin juga sangat dibutuhkan oleh anak balita Anda.Masalahnya, untuk anak di usia itu tidak se...
by DIPTARA blog on Aug 15, 2015

Orchard Road Pedestrian Night

Advertorial The Closure of Orchard Road on every first Saturday of each month is a monthly lifestyle event that offers fun for the whole family. Known as Pedestrian Night, the once busy Orchard Road, is closed to traffic, and is transformed into a pl...
by Ed Unloaded on Aug 6, 2015

New Construction Project and Investment Opportunity for sale in Nerja

ADVERTORIAL Great opportunity to acquire a ready-to-go building project with all planning permissions at a great price! CURRENT STATUS: An existing detached villa of 140 m2 built on plot of approx. 500 m2, located in one of the best residential areas...
by LPG Property Spain on Aug 6, 2015


There’s a lot of things in life that make me happy. I already wrote an article about a lot of reasons that put a smile on my face, but without trying to be all sentimental about this: I honestly enjoy your enthusiasm, the support and the engage...
by Six Feet From The Edge on Jul 29, 2015

Do I Need a Food Processor?

From juicers and blenders to mixers and drink makers, there are so many different counter top appliances available to purchase that it can be really tough to know what’s what. One such appliance that is considered a bit of a kitchen staple is t...
by Princessa's Royal Diary on Jul 19, 2015

The Learning Lab

Advertorial Any parent in Singapore would have heard of The Learning Lab. As the kids grow older, parents inevitably need to ensure that the kids get some form of enrichment to help the young ones in their weaker subjects. The Learning Lab is the lea...
by Ed Unloaded on Jul 13, 2015

Bangkitkan MOOD KEGHAIRAHAN & CINTA Di Kediaman Anda | Varian Terbaru Ambi Pur Moodtheraphy

Bangkitkan MOOD KEGHAIRAHAN & CINTA Di Kediaman Anda | Varian Terbaru Ambi Pur Moodtheraphy | Penat seharian bekerja di pejabat sedikit sebanyak boleh buatkan mood jiwa Abe sedikit tertekan. Sebab itu, Abe kena cari alternatif lain untuk bag...
by Que Achmad on Jul 2, 2015

Ueno Dobutsuen ♪

Ueno Zoological Gardens 恩賜上野動物園 Ueno Dōbutsuen Ueno Zoological Gardens is the oldest zoo in Japan. Founded in 1882, it has grown over the years, expanded its area to 14.3 ha / 35.2 acres, and been the flagship of the Japanese zoo world...
by Joshua Hideki on Jul 1, 2015

Use Your Eyes and Ears When Buying Old Vintage Watches

If the watch is in working condition, hold it around your ear and pay attention to what you hear. Is the ticking of the watch clear and crisp, with a faint metallic ring (more like a ting-ting-ting than a tick-tock-tick) or does it sound rough, like...
by Princessa's Royal Diary on Jun 28, 2015

Thai Pearl Jewellery for Real Princess

In the last years, Thailand became famous as trending travel destination. For many of us for its well known for its beaches, crystal water, tropical climate and as a country of mysterious Buddhists teachings. But just a few of us recognize Thailand a...
by Princessa's Royal Diary on Jun 24, 2015

Is the Era of Fast Food Ending?

I'm not really a big fan of fast food, but at the same time I know there is a call for food in a hurry, but does it all have to be 'junk' food? Would we choose the junk food over something healthier if there were more options available to us? Looking...
by The Crazy Kitchen on Jun 21, 2015

Jom Shopping Di Kedai Online Kraf

Assalammualaikum..Korang minat membuat kraf? korang suka DIY? minat menjahit? tapi korang tak tahu kat mana nak beli dan dapatkan bahan-bahan untuk membuat kraf ini (craft supply) so kat sini meh aku nak gtau, korang boleh dapatkan semua ini di Kedai...
by Miss BaNu StoRy on Jun 19, 2015

Publicare articole pe bloguri

Publicare articole pe bloguri: Text! Când vorbim de textul articolelor, există două modalități de scriere: La persoana I – aici intră povestirile tale, părerile personale, amintirile, opiniile și așa mai […] Articolul Publicare artic...
by Litere Stacojii on Jun 15, 2015 : Wild-Wild West Appreciation Night 2015

Assalamualaikum dan salam merupakan satu produk pendidikan yang dihasil oleh syarikat Pencil Brand Sdn Bhd. Syarikat ini ditubuhkan pada November 2012 oleh Tuan Hj Kamal Abdul Razak. Beliau merupakan seorang Senior Lecturer di Mala...
by It's Truely Me! on Jun 11, 2015

Miracle Pure Collagen Dust

Assalamualaikum dan salam 1MalaysiaMiracle Pure Collagen Dust | Perempuan mana yang tidak inginkan kulit wajah yang cantik dan menawankan. Termasuklah me. Next year umur nak masuk 30an pastinya nak kekalkan kulit wajah yang sempurna untuk tatapan sua...
by It's Truely Me! on May 29, 2015

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