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Fairycon'16~ ✩ (1-3 April 2016)

Hellooo!This blog post is super late, I know!But better late than never.Lately I haven't had the time for my blog because.. I dunno(?)Well, let's start with the post!2 april me, my boyfriend and Karna went to Fairycon'16 in Kalmar (Sweden).It took ab...
by Himenannie on May 23, 2016

Princess Melody - Tiara Rose (ティアラRose)

Tiara Rose Dress~Tiara Rose Skirt~ Chiffon top~Princess Knit Hoodie~Tiara Rose Lady Dress~ (all pictures from, I have fall in love with this new collection from Princess Melody.Especially the first dress! I will get my han...
by Himenannie on Mar 1, 2016

Princess Melody - Cinderella Rose (シンデレラローズ)

(pictures from Rose (シンデレラローズ)New collection from Princess Melody!I really like the new collection from PM.Want to have both the dress and skirt in both colors ^^ I really like the black hat too.Hopefully I wil...
by Himenannie on Nov 18, 2015

MA*RS 25th Anniversary~

(pictures from do you think about MA*RS 25th Anniversary collection?I like both dresses and I really like that they made dresses for childs too ^_^(I wish I had a little child so I could buy the dresses for her)Hope I will get my ha...
by Himenannie on Oct 25, 2015

Where have I been(?) Part 2 - ⚜HimeNannie Design, Shopping, Outfits & Summer~

Hello everyone!I'm back with a new update, this is Part 2. Read Part 1 here>>.⚜HimeNannie Design~As you may already know, I'm into fashion design att have go on a textile school.My brand is ⚜HimeNannieYou can like my brand on Facebook <&...
by Himenannie on Aug 17, 2015

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