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Al Franken: He's Stupid. He's Slimy. And Doggone it, Not Enough People Voted for His Opponent to Overcome Democrat Voter Fraud!

Al Franken, chiming in on what the adults are talking about, because he has no original thoughts of his own, piled onto John McCain with some inane comments about how McCain "sat out the war" as a POW. Because five and a half years of torture, beatin...
by Proof Positive on Jul 20, 2015

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Are Fighting for Cheaper Internet

Internet-loving Americans have been waiting way too long for a team of benevolent juggernauts in Washington to take on massive money-hungry cable companies. This week, four freedom-fighting senators took their first swing in the form of a strongly wo...

Al Franken Famous Quotes – Al Franken Quotes and Sayings

Al Franken [United States Senator] Alan Stuart “Al” Franken is an American actor, writer, producer, comedian, radio host and politician. After several decades as a comedic actor and writer, became a prominent political activist and was el...
by Life Motivational Thoughts on Dec 13, 2014

Net Neutrality: Sen. Al Franken Calls For #NoSlowLane

If you're seeing this, you should care. It doesn't matter what device you're using. Net Neutrality is serious.
by Henry Sullivan on May 12, 2014

NSA: We Can’t Tell You How Many Americans Were Spied On Because That Would Lead To More Government Intrusion

In a Senate hearing for legislation focusing on the NSA’s spying on Americans, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken questioned why the NSA couldn’t give more detailed answers regarding its snooping. He is proposing legislation that would reveal how many Ame...
by Foolocracy on Nov 14, 2013

President Obama had a Filibuster-proof Majority for 72 Days

  I first shared this information in October, 2010 in a post I called “Occupy the Media” (no longer available) then later in a post entitled President Obama DID NOT control Congress for Two Years. Without fail, everyday I am either challenged or...
by The Pragmatic Pundit on Sep 11, 2012

Al Franken The Legal Scholar

A late April fools joke? Vice President Joe Biden described former Saturday Night Live comedian, Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., as a "leading legal scholar," presumably in the Senate, today. "He has been one of the leading legal scholars," Biden s...
by Randys Roundtable on Apr 12, 2012

Heil Franken! Minnesota Senator Cuts Off Lieberman Remarks on Health Care Reform

In this video (Associated Press, Dec 18, 2009), Democratic Sen. Al Franken took the unusual step Thursday of shutting down Sen. Joe Lieberman on the Senate floor. Despite Lieberman’s request for an extra minute or two to complete his final comm...
by News Donkey on Dec 19, 2009

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