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Polar Bear Fishing

Talk about "the one that got away....Whew!"  I've heard just about every story about that, but this has got to be the best ever!  Watch the video below.  Not only did he loose the fish ... but now he has to buy a new net, to boot! ...
by Bass In The Net on Dec 28, 2010


If you wish to experience some of the best fishing in the world, Alaska fishing is what you require. Set in the remote, clean wilderness of Aldemand froma, still untouched by most civilization, an Alaska fishing expedition takes you a good number ofw...
by Happy Vacations 101 on Sep 9, 2009

Kenai River King Salmon Fishing

Labor is just around the corner and that means the end of summer. If you enjoy beautiful scenery and fishing, Alaska is the place to be. Professional Alaska salmon fishing guides are getting ready for the famous King Salmon at the Kenai River. The av...
by ericloomisfishingalaska on Aug 12, 2009

How To Go Lake Fishing In Alaska

Can you imagine the excitement that 12-year-old Daniel Thorsness felt when he reeled in the record 47 lb. lake trout out of Clarence Lake Alaska in 1970?
by Articles on Feb 4, 2009

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