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Cortez Bryant Talks Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter” Album Series & New Young Money Compilation

I’ve just come across this interview that I must of missed a couple of months ago of GIANTlife interviewing Lil Wayne‘s best friend and manager Cortez Bryant. During the conversation, Tez discussed the beginning of Tunechi‘s Tha Car...
by Lil Wayne on Jun 27, 2014

Pre-Order Young Money’s “Rise Of An Empire” Compilation Album On iTunes

You can now pre-order Young Money‘s upcoming compilation, Young Money: Rise Of An Empire, which will be released in stores on March 11th. iTunes have added up the deluxe edition of the album, but for some reason the Shanell and Chanel West Coas...
by Lil Wayne on Feb 27, 2014

NEW ALBUM & LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK : girls aloud - ten (standard & limited edition boxset)

AHHHH! The girls are back after a hiatus to bring us a celebration of their tenth year anniversary - in the form of new compilation album 'Ten'. The release will see all their previous singles put together alongside four new songs (including new...
by simonsez - CD on Oct 19, 2012

NEW ALBUM ARTWORK : girls aloud - ten

AHHHH! The girls comeback release 'Ten' has just been announced...including a "bespoke limited edition boxset" version. I will update later with details :D...
by simonsez - CD on Oct 19, 2012

DOWNLOAD Kompilasi BMI Menjerit #2

BMI Menjerit #2 BMI Menjerit #2 adalah kelanjutan dari BMI Menjerit #1, pada BMI volume 2 ini ada 25 band metal indonesia yang turut serta mengisi kompilasi ini. dari 25 band tersebut meliputi hamir semua sub-genre metal. biar ngga penasaran langs...
by Goth Clinik on Mar 3, 2012

Coming Soon " Kompilasi BMI menjerit #2 " ( Band List )

Coming Soon " Kompilasi BMI menjerit #2 " Daftar band yang sudah masuk kompilasi BMI Menjerit #2 : Dramatical Misery Attila Mootean Sakral Bankeray Fight For Freedom Brain Ability Sakral Nerro Keltziva Leviathan Crasia Ruyuk Awi Aqkar...
by Goth Clinik on Feb 2, 2012

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