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Fruit Fly Larvae Go Cold Turkey and Forget the Car Keys

Not a pretty sight. Let’s start with the fruit fly, your basic Drosophila. A fruit fly, like a human, can become addicted to alcohol even at a very young age. The larval age. In other words, even as a maggot. And, just like humans, alcohol degr...
by Addiction Inbox on Jul 21, 2013

Heavy Drinking Impairs Serotonin Function More Rapidly in Women

My article on women and alcohol. There are very real gender differences in the way men and women are affected by alcohol. Here's my summary of the subject in a December 16 article for Scientific American Online: "Women's Response to Alcoh...
by Addiction Inbox on Dec 18, 2011

Whitney Houston Oprah Interview pt 1

Did you miss the interview of the year? This day one interview between Oprah Winfrey and Whitney Houston was INTENSE!!! I have many thoughts about their discussion but I'd love to hear yours. This... Continuing Reading Here...
by Acts of Faith In Love and Life on Sep 15, 2009

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