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Excessive Drinking Linked With Low Nitric Oxide Levels

The exhaled breath of adults who drink alcohol excessively has less nitric oxide than that of those who do not drink, a new study found. Nitric oxide is important because it protects against harmful bacteria, which can cause respiratory infections. R...
by Recovery Advocates on Aug 5, 2016

Another Season of Drunkeness, Drug Use - More Issues

They never learn or you might be the one who is tempted into drinking or smoking yet again.  Far too many people don't realize they can avoid many relationship issues if they would simply stop... So you are in a relationship with someone who is...

Research Finds that Those Who are 65 Years and Older Binge Drink

When you think of binge drinking you might think of those between the ages of 18 and 24 participating in this kind of behavior. And it is certainly true that young adults make up the largest percentage of the population who binge drink. However, acco...
by Recovery Advocates on Jun 17, 2016

Addicted to Alcohol? Here’s What You Should Know

Annie Grace, like many other people, became psychologically addicted to alcohol, meaning she was mentally dependent on it and believed it was vital to her happiness. Now, at age 37, sober Annie has a few words of advice to her younger self and anyon...
by Recovery Advocates on Jun 16, 2016

Manage Triggers, Avoid Cravings, and Prevent Relapse

So you’ve completed alcohol addiction treatment and are now living sober. Congratulations! You should be proud of this accomplishment. But what happens if you start craving alcohol? After recovery, a number of people will experience a relapse.
by Recovery Advocates on Apr 18, 2016

Is California Next to Ban Palcohol?

Powdered alcohol, also known as Palcohol, has been banned by 28 states and California might be next. The dried version of alcohol was intended by the creators to be mixed into a beverage, but the fear is that young people will misuse it. The legisla...
by Recovery Advocates on Apr 14, 2016

Elizabeth Vargas Opens Up About Her Alcohol Addiction

Elizabeth Vargas, 20/20 anchor, first opened up about her struggle with alcohol addiction after getting out of rehab in 2014. She later relapsed and returned to rehab once more. Vargas said, “As so many other recovering alcoholics know, overcom...
by Recovery Advocates on Apr 8, 2016

One in Ten Children Grow Up with an Alcoholic Parent

When children are raised with a parent that abuses alcohol, there are many ramifications that arise as a result. First and foremost, it puts a child at risk for developing an addiction of their own at some point in life. Researchers at the Substance...
by Recovery Advocates on Mar 31, 2016

Binge Drinking on the Rise Among Women

Binge drinking is defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as having five or more drinks if you are a male and four or more drinks if you are a female. A new study found that binge drinking among women has risen a considerable amount...
by Recovery Advocates on Mar 29, 2016

Tips for Living With an Alcoholic Parent

Addiction doesn’t just affect the person addiction; it affects everyone around them, including family members and loved ones. If you are living with an alcoholic parents, here are a few things you should know. It’s not your fault. Childre...
by Recovery Advocates on Mar 17, 2016

Video: Talking About Underage Drinking With Your Child

  Visit for more information on how to talk about underage drinking with your child. The post Video: Talking About Underage Drinking With Your Child appeared first on Lakehouse Recovery Center.
by Recovery Advocates on Mar 15, 2016

Why You Might Get Hooked on Alcohol But Not Drugs

Perhaps it’s obvious that drinking alcohol is more readily accepted by the general public than the use of illicit drugs. If you were to call a friend, for example, you might be okay with saying, “Hey let’s go out for a drink.”...
by Recovery Advocates on Mar 6, 2016

Talking to Your Child About Drugs and Alcohol

Kids who talk to their parents about drugs and alcohol and become educated about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse are 50 percent less likely to use drugs and alcohol than kids who don’t have those conversations, according to research. Pare...
by Recovery Advocates on Feb 25, 2016

Female Millennials Drink the Most Wine

Female millennials are consuming most of the U.S.’s wine, according to a new report by the Wine Market Council. The report discovered that nearly half the wine purchased in the U.S. is consumed by people in their 20s and early-to-mid 30s. In a...
by Recovery Advocates on Feb 17, 2016

My Friend & Fellow Author, Scott Stevens Has Some News & Advice. Well He Is The Alcohol Expert You Know.

Hello and Welcome Recovery Friends,   . . Have you ever wondered what alcohol does to you when it comes to your health? How about when we see on the news about drinking a glass a wine each day and all the “so-called” health benef...

Binge Drinking vs Moderate and Responsible Drinking

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 38 million people binge drink approximately 4 times per month and consume 8 drinks in one drinking period. Binge drinking is defined as drinking four or more drinks during one event for fem...
by Recovery Advocates on Jan 5, 2016

The Most Commonly Abused Drugs

There are millions of people around the world who are addicted to one substance or another. And a good portion of these people tend to be addicted to the same substance, and for good reason. There are common reasons why people are drawn to alcohol, f...
by Recovery Advocates on Dec 29, 2015

Maintain Sobriety Throughout the Holidays

During the holiday season, there are going to be many get-togethers with family and friends where alcohol most likely will be present. While in recovery or once you’ve completed a recovery treatment program, attending celebrations where there...
by Recovery Advocates on Dec 2, 2015

When a Terrorist Act Occurs: Helping Children to Cope

Ways to cope and to offer support to children and teens after an act of terrorism. When a terrorist act occurs Finding support Talking with your child about a terrorist act Common reactions children may have Ways to support your … Continue read...
by Horizon Family Solutions on Nov 14, 2015

Teens Can Be Influenced Not to Drink or Smoke

The teenage years are a time where adolescents are influenced by many factors, for good or for bad. One of those factors are friends. A new study found that teens whose friends participate in a substance abuse prevention program are less likely to p...
by Recovery Advocates on Aug 21, 2015

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