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BEER [beer] /bɪər/ noun. An alcoholic beverage made by brewing and fermentation from cereals, usually malted barley, and flavored with hops. “Most people hate the taste of beer, to begin with. It is, however, a prejudice.” ~ Winston C...
by The MARTINI DIVA™ on Jul 14, 2016

The Lower Turk's Head Pub

The Lower Turk's Head pub in central Manchester, close to the Arndale Centre in the Northern Quarter, is one of the city's oldest pubs dating back to 1745.After being closed for a period, the pub reopened in 2013 and is located right next door t...
by Devon Visitor on May 23, 2016

The Bluebeards Revenge Ultimate Pale Ale

What do you get when you cross the UKs coolest male grooming brand and every mans favourite tipple?  The Bluebeards Revenge Ultimate Pale Ale. When the kind folk at Bluebeards kindly offered to send Paul some of their newest product,… Continue...
by Lady From A Tramp on Oct 25, 2015


Thanks to Frozen Pints it's been a beer float kind of week. Wednesday I posted an off-the-cuff recipe for my Really Drunk Brown Cow Beer Float, yesterday I published two recipes for Chocolate Porter Beer Floats and Float Shots and today I'm shar...
by The MARTINI DIVA™ on Sep 4, 2015


I was sent samples from Fernet Branca and Frozen Pints/The Ice Cream Bar and while concocting recipes with both accidentally discovered they worked together like a dream. I put together some beer floats with some chocolate stout for the ice cream pos...
by The MARTINI DIVA™ on Sep 3, 2015

The Craft Beer Discovery Club – Beer52 Review

Andy was the recipient of the latest monthly subscription box this time and it’s one to make a note of if you’re looking for gifts for the man in your life or indeed the man who has everything. Beer52 will come to the rescue with their Craft Beer...


Adalah ketupat dengan siraman sayur pepaya muda bersantan yang dimasak dengan bumbu-bumbu inti. Dengan taburan bawang merah goreng saat penyajiannya, membuat aroma semerbak harum menjanjikan selera. Langsung saja intip resep dan cara memasaknya yuk!
by Hobi Masak on Aug 16, 2015

Chuva de Meteoros 'Delivery': você Poderá Encomendar sua Própria Estrela Cadente!

Você já pensou em criar a sua própria chuva de meteoros?Se você passa horas olhando para o céu a fim de conseguir avistar um meteoro, saiba que em breve você poderá encomendar uma "estrela cadente" por telefone! Por até parecer que isso foi t...
by UFOS ONLINE on Jul 9, 2015

Extraordinary brewing stories

Ever since I came across Young Master Ales, I kind of knew there was more lingering in the air than just wild yeast… Tucked in a quiet corner of Mongkok, The Ale Project otherwise known as TAP is a small, very friendly beer place managed by Jam...
by Gregoire Michaud Blog on Jul 2, 2015

Honesty Box Subscription Review

Andy loves a good beer. At Christmas I treated him to a Beer Tree which gave him something to look forward to each evening when he opened the day with his evening meal. It was quite an eye opener for him too as he found quite a few independent brewer...

7 Literary Beer References on National Beer Lovers Day

September 7 is National Beers Lover's Day. The following nine written passages were penned by notable literary figures whose affection for beer and its place in the world is made obvious in their writing. Continue reading →...

Mixing Your Drinks: The Rules!

As a Brit living in Spain, one of the few things I used to miss about the ‘old country’ is the vast array of beer available. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a nice glass of wine (and good Iberian wine is second to none) but at heart, I’m an ale m...
by Cara Mengobati Penyakit Kista on Aug 16, 2014

We all need Young Masters

In a not so far past, beer was called “liquid bread”, the reason being that beer was a simple fermented cereal beverage, and it was never filtered, thus there was solid residue of the cereal left in the liquid, where the name liquid br...
by Gregoire Michaud Blog on Jun 3, 2014

Weekday Planner, What To Do This Week In Chicago: Fire and Blood Ale, Bread & Wine Dinner, 312 Chicago Birthday, and Spring Truffle Preview

What To Do This Week In Chicago Restaurants: New dishes and drinks are constantly debuting in Chicago restaurants, cafes, bars, and bakeries, which means there are lots of new things to eat around town. Here are some ideas for what to eat this week.
by Dining Chicago on Mar 23, 2014

Old Crown Pub in Bath

The Old Crown is a traditional pub in Weston (just outside of Bath). Patrons can enjoy the food, drink, curry & steak nights, karaoke and live music. The Old Crown is also dog friendly. The Old Crown features a fenced garden with plenty of outdoo...
by Devon Visitor on Jan 23, 2014

Uma cerveja e dois copos! Mas qual das 100?

Dia desses, em um restaurante de comida baiana, o cliente entrou, sentou e perguntou ao garçom: "Que cerveja tem?" O garçom pegou o cardápio e respondeu: "Mais de cem". Faz mais ou menos 10 anos que tudo começou a mudar - e de três anos para cá...
by Rock And Breja on Nov 28, 2013

The Salamander Bath

The Salamander (aka The Sally) is a pub located in the centre of Bath. The Salamander serves food and a choice of beers from Bath Ales and beyond. Bath Ales' distinctive beers include Gem, a bitter-sweet amber ale, and Dark Side, a delicious chocolat...
by Devon Visitor on Nov 13, 2013

Garrick's Head Pub Bath

Named after David Garrick (1717 – 1779), English actor, playwright, theatre manager and producer, the Garrick’s Head pub and dining room is situated next door to the Theatre Royal in the centre of Bath. The Garrick's Head features a large outdo...
by Devon Visitor on Sep 14, 2013

Robinson's Brewery Visitors Centre

The Robinson's Brewery Visitors Centre in Stockport is a must-do if you are interested in beer and local history. It's free to drop into the Visitors Centre, which has various exhibits related to the long history of Robinson's brewery in Stockpor...
by Devon Visitor on Sep 6, 2013

Gifts For Dad - Beer Lovers Ideas For Fathers Day

These beer lovers gift ideas will brew up a fun Father’s Day for Dad. Whether he’s grilling and chilling, roasting and toasting or even brewing his own for tasting later, he’ll love these beer gifts.Craft Beer Glass Gift SetThis Lib...
by Home Bars & A Shot Of Humor on Jun 3, 2013

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