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When Betty and Barney got abducted by Aliens

Back in 1961, on September 19, at around 10:30 pm, the married couple were returning home from vacation in Niagara Falls and Montreal, Canada when the unexplained happened. After reaching home, they realized that a time span...
by Topics WhatSoEver! on Feb 11, 2014

Charles L. Moody (Segeant Moody’s) alien abduction story

As we shared in the previous true abduction story of Betty and Barney Hill, we are here to share another true story/claim of an Air Force Sergeant Charles L. Moody. Let’s move to the more detailed information on the story.IntroductionThis amazing a...
by Topics WhatSoEver! on Feb 11, 2014

Proof in the Stars? Astronomy Holds Key to Alien Abduction

It is not usually easy to validate claims made by UFO witnesses, and it is especially difficult in those cases in which an abduction seems to have taken place. The real complication occurs when hypnosis is used to investigate missing time in conju...
by 2012ad and Beyond on Mar 9, 2012

Why is there so many reported UFO sitings in Mexico?

Is there evidence to support the fact that aliens really visit Mexico a lot,as opposed to other countries in the world? And why do aliens choose...
by Aussie Ufo on Jul 8, 2011

Pentagon cover-up: UFOs found Noah’s Ark!

Within the five minutes that I listened to the program the talk went from an international conspiracy to hide the discovery of Noah's Ark, to the pending Mayan apocalypse and how it was predicted in Luke's gospel and the Book of Revelations to the on...
by Sharp Iron on Jan 7, 2011

Alien Abductions: The Ultimate in Outsourced Medical Care?

Geronimo Jones believed that he’d been abducted by aliens, but his delusions didn’t end there. He went so far as to call a California Health Insurance agent to see if he’d be charged for their “very thorough” probes. // Thirty-four y...

Rain Forests On Fire

Are depleting rain forests attracting visits from outerspace alien creatures? Of course, I have no idea, but for the growing number of people with that opinion, I have to say, that, it’s at least worth a thought. Anyway, the link to this video..
by Too Late For Love on Jan 27, 2009

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