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Allan Holdsworth – Tales From The Vault (2016)

Mostly an alternative presentation of 'Road Games', Allan Holdsworth's chaff is superior to most guitarists' wheat and after fifteen years of no studio material cut loose, it's good to see any production from him.
by Something Else Reviews on Jul 30, 2016

The Soft Machine, “Hazard Profile” from Switzerland 1974 (2015): Something Else! sneak peek

The smokin' "Hazard Profile" will be included on a previously unreleased 1974 Montreux performance by Soft Machine with Allan Holdsworth.
by Something Else Reviews on Jan 6, 2015

Allan Holdsworth live at the San Jose Cabaret 1992 - but will he play Freebird?

Allan Holdsworth performs a late night performance at the Cabaret in San Francisco, CA on February 7, 1992 (when the clock strikes to midnight, it's ow February 8, 1992) Camera: Sony Handycam CCD-TR7. Sorry for the bad quality...Allan Holdsworth live...
by Truth In Shredding on Jul 3, 2014

Allan Holdsworth: stunning Yamaha guitar posted online

Cody PalmerI have a few of Allans guitars at my house right now and let me tell you, they're awesome! If you go on my Facebook I've got a few pictures of some of them. There was a post about Allan's Yamaha guitar, here's a picture of the whole thing.
by Truth In Shredding on Jun 30, 2014

Allan Holdsworth: getting back to the road - my personal best wishes to the maestro!

So very happy to hear this news! God bless you sir!Allan Holdsworth(from Nardini) Hello everybody! Very soon some live dates in mid August and late August/early September for Allan Holdsworth and his band featuring Jimmy Haslip on bass and Virgil Don...
by Truth In Shredding on May 16, 2014

Sean Wayland – Click Track Jazz: Slave to The Machine, Vols. 1 & 2 (2012)

When Sean Wayland gets inspiration, he holds nothing back. This Australian keyboardist/composer made a tough, funky fusion album a few years ago with Keith Carlock (drums), Tim LeFebvre (bass), Adam Rogers (guitar), James Muller (Guitar), and Matt Cl...
by Something Else Reviews on Oct 23, 2012

Soft Machine, with Allan Holdsworth – Floating World Live (2006, 2012 reissue)

Allan Holdsworth’s career is perhaps nearly as well known for his brief stays in well-regarded prog and fusion bands as it is for his guitar wizardry. Tony Williams’ Lifetime, UK and even Level 42 all have Holdsworth “one-and-done&#...
by Something Else Reviews on Jul 24, 2012

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