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American Saddlebred Horse Pictures

American Saddlebred Horse PicturesThe American Saddlebred acquired during the 1800's in the Southern States, primarily in Kentucky.Originally accepted as the Kentucky Saddler, it was the aftereffect of careful ancestry of the Canadian and Narraganset...

Summer Shoes

 I just smacked out a pair of American Saddlebred country pleasure shoes-These shoes are compared here to a #1 keg shoe, twixt the pair. The shoes are made from 3/8" x 2" bar stock. The dimensions are specific to an individual horse that require...
by Swords, Blades and Horseshoes on Aug 28, 2011

American Saddlebred

The American Saddlebred, formerly known as the American Saddle Horse, is a breed of horse that was developed in Kentucky by plantation owners. Today, in the horse showworld, they are most commonly seen under saddle in Saddle seat style riding, a...
by all about breeding knowledge on Aug 5, 2010

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