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Approval for Commercial Sale of Ampligen to Treat Severe Cases of ME/CFS in the Argentine Republic

At long last, Ampligen is approved somewhere. Not here, unfortunately, but it's a first step. With Argentinian approval, there is the possibility of approval elsewhere. More to the point, in Argentina at least, there is official acknowledgement...
by Onward Through the Fog on Sep 5, 2016

Help Irish Patients with ME - A Petition to Allow Ampligen in Ireland

This petition was started by Noreen Murphy, an Irish ME patient. Currently, Ampligen is unavailable in Ireland.As the oldest immune-modulating drug for ME, Ampligen has a long track record, and has benefited thousands of patients. While it is av...
by Onward Through the Fog on Mar 3, 2016

Ampligen to Be Supplied Throughout Europe As Well As Turkey

Hemispherx Biopharma's agreement to supply Ampligen to ME/CFS patients in Europe could not have come at a better time.A  recent paper by a group of downstate New York psychiatrists made headlines when it proposed that fibromyalgia and CFS (...
by Onward Through the Fog on Aug 10, 2015

Hemispherx Enters a Collaboration for the Commercialization of Ampligen for CFS in Australia and New Zealand

On the heels of its $8M manufacturing plant rehab, Hemispherx announced today that it has signed an agreement with Emerge to seek approval of Ampligen in Australia and New Zealand.After decades of clinical trials for FDA approval in the US  - co...
by Onward Through the Fog on Mar 9, 2015

To the 21st Century Cures Initiative - Include Ampligen!

The following message is from Billie Moore. She has included an email address and a template letter.I can't stress how important it is that Ampligen be approved as a treatment for ME/CFS. Not only would patients who are currently being helped by Ampl...
by Onward Through the Fog on Sep 22, 2014

Call for Congressional Hearing on Treatment for ME/CFS

Representatives Upton and DeGetteThe following announcement comes from the FDA Treatment Team, a group of people dedicated to securing FDA approval for Ampligen. The team has drafted a letter requesting a congressional hearing on Ampligen. You c...
by Onward Through the Fog on Jun 12, 2014

Hemispherx Seeks Approval for Ampligen in Latin America

Hemispherx Biopharma Announces Plans to File for Regulatory Approval of Ampligen(R) to Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in Three Additional Latin America CountriesNew Trademarks Now ApprovedMarch 10, 2014 11:00 | Source: Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc...
by Onward Through the Fog on Mar 12, 2014


You can stop hitting me now...What follows is the full text of Hemispherx Biopharma's press release. Anyone who has been following the long, long history of Ampligen vs. The World, won't be surprised that, yet again, HB has been trounced. To be fair,...
by Onward Through the Fog on Feb 5, 2013

OUTPACED: The Empire Strikes Back

It can't be mere coincidence that the day before the FDA was scheduled to make its decision on Ampligen, the PACE group published the results of its lengthy study on treatments for CFS.The study, published in Psychological Medicine on Febru...
by Onward Through the Fog on Feb 3, 2013

CFS patient starts hunger strike for FDA approval of Ampligen

Bob MillerBob Miller on Hunger Strike: Send This 1-Minute Email to Get FDA Approval for AmpligenFebruary 1, 2013, Phoenix Risingby Sasha Miller has started a hunger strike to push for FDA approval of Ampligen.
by Onward Through the Fog on Feb 2, 2013

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