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League 2 Analysis - Plymouth and AFC Wimbledon

With most teams having played 17 games this season, we are over a third of the way through the 2015/16 League 2 season. Plymouth Argyle are currently setting the pace on 38 points and have a five point lead over Oxford United, with Northampton anothe...
by DW on Sport on Nov 17, 2015

Transition to Serena 2.0 - A Review of 2015

It was almost an unprecedented year for Serena Williams. She became the oldest woman ever to have won a Grand Slam title, she completed the Serena slam for the second time in her career and she lost just three matches all year, albeit one in the most...
by DW on Sport on Nov 15, 2015

Which Sites Are Most, Least Productive? Bring On The Data

Facility Executive Magazine By David Kollmorgen There’s no such thing as “TMI” when comparing corporate facilities. Information is power, when seeking business productivity. Executives are increasingly looking at facilities in a com...
by FacilityBlog on Nov 11, 2015

Benefits of Predictive Analytics Attract Marketers

Predictive marketing is quickly becoming a key aspect of data-driven organizations. Companies and brands that embrace predictive marketing can uncover insights on consumer trends and preferences and they can achieve more cost-effective and targeted l...
by CyberAlert on Nov 9, 2015

Big Data and Analytics with DB2 v11

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Traffic Exchange Sites

Traffic Exchange Sites are websites where you get page views of your own site in exchange for visiting others. Many such sites are available. However, choosing the right one or a combination of them can be a very time consuming process. Basically the...
by INTERTOTECH on Nov 7, 2015

November Again

We all engage in it. A very common mistake. It’s not a mistake like it would be to pay someone to tattoo barbed wire around our biceps, but it’s a mistake nonetheless. I write to you from this desk every other day, and I write to you as i...
by Lake Geneva Real Estate on Nov 5, 2015

The Benefits from Data Analysis for PR

Almost everything – from purchasing behavior to social media sentiments — can now be tracked by computer. In provides enhanced insights into consumer behavior, that data is changing how PR functions. PR departments and agencies that embrace d...
by CyberAlert on Oct 30, 2015

Search Engines Analytics: How Might the Idea Operate?

To be aware of Search engines Analytics functions and also stories you must understand their basic principles. When knowing precisely what information Search engines Analytics might record and also the way later on this interprets this you’re g...
by Stunningmesh on Oct 27, 2015

Enable Demographic Feature on Google Analytics for Mobile App

App market has grown dramatically. Today, app owners are aiming at customers from beyond borders; which makes it essential for them to rely on analytics. Google Analytics has always helped businesses with digital presence. They have expanded their as...
by SEO Blog on Oct 17, 2015

Using Clustering to Predict the Career Potential of ATP Players

There has arguably been a dearth of young talent coming through on the ATP Tour in recent times. Until the emergence of the current crop of youngsters, there were few players that were realistically expected to push toward the top level of the game.
by DW on Sport on Oct 16, 2015


by SEO网站优化及网站推广 on Oct 14, 2015

How Analytics & Measurement Can Improve Fundraising, Marketing and Mission-Critical Results of Nonprofits

Nonprofits can grow faster, solicit donations more successfully and better accomplish their missions through greater use of analytics. If you doubt the benefits of data, you can read the book, Moneyball. The book and movie of the same name relate the...
by CyberAlert on Oct 13, 2015

Software Programs all Business Owners Should Take Advantage Of

As a head of a company, you have some hard decisions to make. You have to be sure your business runs smoothly and can overcome any challenges it will face. Your technology and software...The post Software Programs all Business Owners Shou...
by Beetel Bite - Technology Blog on Sep 29, 2015

Fast Starters On Return

In the last article, we looked at those players that are proficient at defending their serves well in the early stages of matches. However, what really separates the top players from the rest is the ability to break serve. Without the ability to brea...
by DW on Sport on Sep 28, 2015

iPhone Ad Blocking Apps: A Lose-Lose Propostion for Shoppers and Online Retailers

Ok, this is off the SEO track but I had a client ask me my thoughts and impact on the iPhone ad blocking apps. I did some research and thought I would it share with you as well. If you haven’t heard, the latest Apple mobile iOS update includes...
by Lawyer SEO Service on Sep 26, 2015

Fast Starters On Serve

It is no secret that some players excel at racing out of the blocks quickly, whilst others often need time to build themselves into matches. At the top level, Andy Murray is often regarding as a relatively slow starter, while further down, the likes...
by DW on Sport on Sep 26, 2015

Stii sa faci Marketing prin Google?

Esti blogger, marketer, antreprenor, freelancer, expert vanzari, insa ai inteles ca virtualul este noul real, daca ar fi sa parafrazam o cunoscuta expresie. Si asta pentru ca, treptat, atat viata privata, cat si cea profesionala se muta in on-line. P...
by armonie acvatica on Sep 25, 2015

League Two Stats: Eight Games In

The League 2 season is now eight games old for the majority of teams and some of the narratives for the season are beginning to be drawn up.It is a division that is often talked about in terms of the unpredictability, but the league table is currentl...
by DW on Sport on Sep 21, 2015


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