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Choosing the Right Dog for Your Homestead

Wondering what breed of dog is the best your home or homestead? Sherri Lyons shares some tips on how to choose the right dog for your family.
by Hunter Happenings on Oct 5, 2015

Should I get Rottweiler, Anatolian Shepherd, or Doberman?

Question by Cheater_not: Rottweiler vs anatolian shepherd vs doberman? I like Rottweiler, anatolian shepherd and doberman but I can only have one. Could anyone tell me their strengths and weaknesses? Photo Credit: Kjunstorm/Flickr   First answer...
by Russian Dog on Jun 10, 2014

Stand By Me Therapy Dog

by Pet Peeves on Oct 22, 2012

Anatolian Shepherd Puppy Pictures

Anatolian Shepherd Puppy PicturesThe Anatolian attend is an age-old guardian brand with a continued alive history. Its roots apparently lie in the Tibetan mastiff and Roman Mollosian war dogs that came to Turkey added than 4,000 years ago. Here Anato...
by Working Dog Puppy Pictures on Jun 1, 2012

Anatolian Shepherd Working Dog

Anatolian Shepherd Working DogThe Anatolian is congenital boxy to do a boxy job. It is a large, powerful, asperous dog, accepting both abundant activity and endurance. It has acceptable cartilage and a ample head. Its amble is powerful, bland and flu...

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