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Gorilla Harambe grabs child who's fallen into habitat at Cincinnati Zoo

Gorilla Harambe grabs child who's fallen into habitat at Cincinnati Zoo...
by VHIZZ on Jun 2, 2016

Cincinnati zoo kills gorilla to save boy who fell into enclosure

After falling into the gorilla enclosure, a four-year-old boy was dragged through the water by a silverback gorilla Harambe. Though the gorilla appeared to be attempting to shelter the boy, eventually authorities had to kill him.
by VHIZZ on Jun 1, 2016

Animals that Attack: A List of Animals That Can Be Quite Dangerous

Animals can be a good source of joy that some people even end up getting domesticated ones as pets. However, it is really difficult to completely understand the behavior of animals. This makes it even more difficult to predict what … Continue r...
by Injury in the City on Mar 12, 2015

Ultimate BBQ Cookout with The Chew tonight

Tonight at 8:00 on FX it's the two hour special UFC 160 Prelims, at 9:00 on ABC it's the special Ultimate BBQ Cookout countdown and on Animal Planet it's the special World's Scariest Animal Attacks.
by DVR Slave on May 25, 2013

6 Fast Facts on Dog Attacks that You Might Have Missed

Dogs can be man’s best friend. However, improper care and handling of them can make them our greatest foe. When they feel threatened, dogs have this natural instinct of protecting themselves through biting. Sometimes, dogs can feel agitated over re...
by Injury in the City on Apr 15, 2013

Your Overall Guide against Dog Bites

Although dogs are said to good as companion and friend, they are not always friendly as you think. Dog owners should at least set boundaries and be mindful whenever their dogs are around with the children. Most especially since previous reports claim...
by Injury in the City on Dec 17, 2012

Mystery Predator Attacking Livestock

[we were alerted to this breaking story by Scott Winter, Thanks Scott] Shelby Co,KY It seems some type of mystery creature is attacking goats and other livestock in Shelby county and the people are on high alert. According to reports six goats and...
by The Crypto Crew on Dec 13, 2012

Housemaid Mauled and Killed by Homeowner’s Dogs

A housemaid who went to clean a home in Fallbrook, San Diego County, California was mauled and killed by the homeowner’s dogs. According to reports, the woman who was hired to look after and clean a house in the 1300 block of Calle Tecolotlan while...
by Injury in the City on Nov 26, 2012

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