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Recollections of a life of activism

To the left you can view the response I received to what I think is the first protest letter I …Continue reading →...
by Enough Light on Jul 1, 2016

Life's a Beach Giveaway Hop: Enter to Win a Vera Bradley Tote and Prizes for Your Cat from Cat's Pride ($75 Value)!

Welcome to the Life's a Beach Giveaway Hop hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island. Every blogger participating in this hop is giving away something that you can take to the beach! For my giveaway, I have a fantastic prize pack from Cat's Prid...
by Susan Heim on Parenting on May 24, 2016

Dogs World

Hunde und Katzen sind meine liebsten Tiere, ich sehe so gerne Hundevideos, das hier hab ich in Facebook gefunden    Einsortiert unter:Hund, Tiere, Video Tagged: 42nd Street (Manhattan), A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon, Alzheim...
by Mariannes Blog on May 21, 2016

Lowongan Animal Welfare Officer

PT Great Giant Livestock – Lampung Tengah, sedang mencari kandidat yang potensial dan siap berkembang bersama kami. Posisi: Animal Welfare Officer Kualifikasi: Laki-laki Lulusan D3 Peternakan/ D3 Hubungan Masyarakat/ D3 Komunikasi Bersedia dite...
by Karir Lampung on Apr 16, 2016

Join Us for Blog the Change for Animals April 15th!

Well, it’s that time again – our quarterly opportunity to share with others that which we hold most dear to our hearts. Whether it’s a particular animal welfare cause, petition, organization doing right by animals, or a hero we grea...
by CindyLu's Muse on Apr 13, 2016

The world’s most abused animal

Care to guess what the world’s most abused animal is? In terms of sheer numbers and the routine suffering inflicted on them, it’s got to be the chicken. 50 billion chickens are raised for meat every year, with around 5 billion more kept for egg p...
by Make Wealth History on Feb 17, 2016

Pets and Winter – Keeping Them Safe and Warm #BtC4A

If you’re experiencing weather anything like what we’ve been having here in the Midwest, you know just how miserable cold, damp, snowy or icy weather can be. Just this week we had some below-zero-degrees wind-chills. While we can turn up...
by CindyLu's Muse on Jan 15, 2016

Blog the Change for Animals, Jan 2016

Well, it’s that time again – our quarterly opportunity to share with others that which we hold most dear to our hearts. Whether it’s a particular animal welfare cause, petition, organization doing right by animals, or a hero we grea...
by CindyLu's Muse on Jan 13, 2016

Outright bans of trophy hunting could do more harm than good

In July 2015 an American dentist shot and killed a male lion called ‘Cecil’ with a hunting bow and arrow, an act that sparked a storm of social media outrage. Cecil was a favourite of tourists visiting Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, and so the...
by Conservation Bytes on Jan 5, 2016

Meacham Foundation Memorial Grant

The Meacham Foundation Memorial Grant program is one of the assistance programs offered by the American Humane. It is a solid proof of their continuous effort in reducing the number of animals that have to be euthanized every year. Statistically spea...
by Start Grants on Nov 13, 2015

Cruelty Free Festival 2015

Support animals and sample lots of great veg food at the Sydney Cruelty Free Festival.
by vegeTARAian on Oct 18, 2015

5 Ways to Avoid Buying Real Fur

It’s become a bit of a challenge these days, discerning between real and imitation fur. Knowing the horrors of the fur trade makes it imperative that we don’t condone it by buying the real stuff.  So how can you tell which is which? Why...
by CindyLu's Muse on Oct 15, 2015

Blog the Change – Join Our Quarterly Event

It’s time once again for Blog the Change. But it’s going to be just a bit different – our website at Be the Change for Animals was hacked and is a huge mess. So we’ll just work around that, and do our changin’ from here.
by CindyLu's Muse on Oct 14, 2015

Lennon Lives On

How much have we learned in the past 35 years? How much have we done to honor his cause? (Reposting this one), may the world consider John’s words… Peace, my friends! The post Lennon Lives On appeared first on CindyLusMuse.
by CindyLu's Muse on Oct 10, 2015

A Day In The Life

Once in a while I will see a chained dog which breaks my heart because I believe every dog deserves a loving home. They were created to give us such unconditional love so how can we give back anything less.  When I read this, the sadness was ove...
by Kirby the Dorkie on Jul 16, 2015

Grace a 1 year old Dogue de Bordeaux looking for a forever home.

This is the Blog Hop that features shelter animals. Find a cat, dog, rabbit, etc. at your local animal shelter or rescue and feature them on this Blog Hop! Come join the fun and help a furry friend find a forever home! And while you’re at...
by Sheba's Life Story on Jun 16, 2015

Foster home needed for Fenris a Dogue de Bordeaux.

For more information please contact Dogue de Bordeaux Welfare...
by Sheba's Life Story on Apr 22, 2015

QC Council replaces with new one its ordinance limiting pets to 4 per household

The Quezon City government clarified on Wednesday that the ordinance regulating animals per home to four has been updated with a new one with the provisions animal welfare advocates have objected to. The post QC Council replaces with new one its ord...
by Tech Pinoy on Apr 15, 2015

In Defence of A Stray Dog and A Neem Tree

[caption id="attachment_551" align="aligncenter" width="300" class=" "]                            Sweety[/caption]Last week I had the joy of conversing with Pratap Antony. I know him as a music aficionado, as founder-member of The Hyde...
by Tilling the Earthwoman on Apr 1, 2015

It's so hard to say goodbye ...

A few days ago our poorly cat Çingene passed away during the night. We miss her so much. As I had explained in previous posts she suffered from a viral infection - picked up during her life on the streets and also chronic kidney disease. She came h...
by Fethiye Fogies on Mar 27, 2015

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