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Noah in Kentucky: Bill Nye Gets Distressed at Ark Encounter

by Joel Kontinen on Aug 5, 2016

Narrative Ark

Complete with an artificial giraffe perched on its prow—or aft, I can never tell the difference—a modern-day Noah’s ark is about to set sail. Or set float. The Bible doesn’t describe any kind of steering or propulsion for the ark … Cont...

Fast One Flood

I’m not sure what to believe anymore. This crisis of faith revolves not around religion, but around media. Pundits have been saying for some time that the internet has meant the slow death of journalism, and there are so many … Continue readi...

New Trends in Creation: Answers in Genesis Opens Full-Size Noah’s Ark; Institute for Creation Research Builds New Museum

AiG and ICR have great projects in store for 2016 and beyond, featuring Noah’s Ark, for instance. Joel Kontinen 2016 looks like a good year for friends of creation. Answers in Genesis is opening its Noah’s Ark Encounter in July. The Institu...
by Joel Kontinen on Dec 22, 2015

Monument to human ego on schedule in rural Kentucky

Build it and they will come: the Answers in Genesis Board of Directors is dwarfed by what will eventually be a full-scale replica of Noah’s ark. AiG holds that the Noah story (Gen 6-9) is a factual historical account. And, thanks to donations f...

Homeschooling Around the World: Australia

Enjoy learning about Australia’s history, animals, and foods. In addition, you can pray for the missionaries ministering to the people there.
by Hunter Happenings on May 13, 2015

Homeschooling Around the World: Indonesia

Discover more about the country of Indonesia through a homeschooling missionary family—The Wilds.
by Hunter Happenings on Mar 24, 2015

Oh, so that’s why @AiGKenHam is so upset with @Pontifex…

The Holy Father has once again amazed people by being Catholic. No one was more shocked by this revelation than Ken Ham and Al Mohler. So, why has Ham decided to take issue with this re-statement of long-standing Catholic dogma? I suspect it is becau...
by The Church of Jesus Christ on Nov 3, 2014

Is “Noah” a Biblical Movie?

  I love watching movies based on biblical characters, but only if it’s true to the story and the character being portrayed. Is Noah true to the story and the character? Todd Friel shares a clip where Russell Crowe tells the interviewer...
by Searching and Growing on Mar 29, 2014

Nothing, not even God

Peter Enns has linked to and then offered some thoughts on this video. The views expressed in the video about evolution and those who hold to some form of evolutionary life are simply poor caricatures. They offer diesem as my belief, but in reality,...
by The Church of Jesus Christ on Feb 22, 2014

‘Creationist junk bonds’

Our Daily Train | By Jeremy StyronKen Ham is apparently up to his antics again. Now, he wants to build something called the Ark Encounter, which is essentially another Christian theme park that will be built, no doubt, in a similar vein as the intell...
by Our Daily Train on Nov 14, 2013

What is it about James McGrath that gets to @AIGKenHam

Any casual student of human behavior will recognize that straw man arguments and other logical fallacies usually indicate the presence of either an untempered or irrational mind. Such is the case with the latest assault posted by Ken Ham on his Faceb...
by The Church of Jesus Christ on Apr 27, 2013

Page 2 of the Quiz – And No, it’s still not science and no, it’s still not education @AiG

Reportedly, we’ll have to wait until the end of June to discover what school did this. Check out the link above – sounds like a Christian private school focusing on classical education (the Latin gave that away).
by The Church of Jesus Christ on Apr 25, 2013

Darwin Day and Ken Ham’s pseudoscience

Our Daily Train | By Jeremy StyronTwo hundred four years ago today, Charles Darwin, the man who would go on to introduce the concept of evolution by natural selection (although he didn’t call it that at the time), was born. Of course, here in t...
by Our Daily Train on Feb 12, 2013

Now, more than ever, I am thankful that I am mainline

The responses by Bryan Fischer and Mike Huckabee have once again reminded me the great gulf fixed between fundamentalism and mainline Christians. Do not mistake my words here as a rant against conservative Christians. I am a conservative Christian, b...
by The Church of Jesus Christ on Dec 17, 2012

Creation Ministries DVD Pack

Creation Mini-Series DVD Pack By Answers In Genesis Answers in Genesis (AiG), a ministry based in Australia, is reaching people around the world with ‘Creation Evangelism’. Last year the ministry opened the Creation Museum in Kentucky to...
by Creation Not Evolution on Nov 12, 2012

FREE Download Giant's Causeway Brochure from Answers in Genesis

Get a FREE PDF download of the Giant's Causeway Brochure from Answers in Genesis.  Just add the brochure to your cart and use the code CAUSEWAY at checkout.  This offer expires 7/31/12.
by Cutting Coupons in KC on Jul 14, 2012

Ken Ham wonderfully sums up Inerrancy and plaIn readIng

If you as a Christian believe the Bible is inerrant, you’re saying it is without error. And as a creationist, I read the Bible plainly, trusting that I can believe and understand what I read. It’s unreasonable to say that inerrancy and a plain re...
by The Church of Jesus Christ on May 26, 2012

Answers in Genesis Weekly $.99 Download

This week (until 4/17/12) Answers in Genesis is offering the "Pocket Guide to Apemen" e-book for just $.99 (regular price $4.79)! Did humans really evolve from ape-like creatures? Have scientists found fossils of the missing link? What about t...
by Cutting Coupons in KC on Apr 10, 2012

Ken Ham doesn’t believe in the Historical Jesus @AiG

Whatever do you mean, Joel? Ken makes a logical fallacy, that for Jesus to be the Son of God, he would have to be completely inhuman. I note that Paul writes that Christ emptied himself of his deity to assume flesh, and yet, Ham argues with Paul. Sur...
by The Church of Jesus Christ on Feb 1, 2012

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