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Brexit is racism and racism is Brexit

By now it could not be clearer. Rather than usher in a more progressive Britain, freed from the shackles of that nasty, undemocratic EU in Brussels, Brexit has merely served to give licence to racism and unleashed precisely the carnival of reaction t...
by Socialist Unity on Jul 29, 2016

The true face of Brexit

The pro-Brexit left were and are but a mouse riding the back of a tiger.       The post The true face of Bre...
by Socialist Unity on Jun 26, 2016

I am not voting for the EU, I am voting against Brexit

  There are times when the truth is not enough and only the unvarnished truth will do. We have arrived at such a time just days away from the EU referendum on June 23rd. The unvarnished truth when it comes to the campaign for Britain’s exit...
by Socialist Unity on Jun 22, 2016

The vile murder of Jo Cox MP

According to witnesses the ‘beast’ who slaughtered Jo Cox screamed ‘Britain first!” before carrying out his foul deed. Anyone who believes that this act of brutality is unconnected to Brexit and its ugly politics is either gui...
by Socialist Unity on Jun 17, 2016

Confessed Norway massacre killer Anders Behring Breivik

Even as he languishes in solitary confinement in a prison that fittingly was once a Nazi concentration camp, Anders Behring Breivik continues to wage his demented war against Islam. Having murdered 77 innocent victims, he is now entering the propaga...
by Extreme Abuse Survey on Apr 17, 2012

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