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3 Produk Skin Care Pilihan yang Aku Gunakan Dari

     Hello Cynt's ! Saya paling seneng hunting Skin Care luar. Tapi bukan berarti saya sok ke barat-baratan lho! buktinya saya suka tuh Skin Care dari korea, atau Jepang punya, berarti saya masih ke Asia-asia-an doong. Engga tau kenapa...
by LEE VIA HAN on Aug 2, 2016

Guest Post: The Natural Mama’s Guide to Beauty

Hello makeup lovers! I’m Kelly and Ems has bravely entrusted her blog to me today. You can normally find me over at Our Little Organic Life, my organic lifestyle blog where I talk about all things to do with healthy eating, natural living and c...
by The Pro Make-up Blog on Apr 24, 2016

My Korean Skincare Routine

My Korean Skincare Routine In this previous post, I tal […] The post My Korean Skincare Routine appeared first on Kenderasia.
by Kenderasia on Aug 12, 2015

My Toxin-free Winter Skincare Regime: Antipodes Reviews + Giveaway!

Baby it’s cold outside. Who else’s feeling the winter blue with flaky and extra sensitive skin here in the Southern part of the world? To make sure your skin survive this harsh winter dryness, there’s in fact a better strategy than...
by Lace n Ruffles on Jul 11, 2015

Toxin-free Beauty Reviews: Antipodes Superfruit Antioxidant Serum

As a dedicated worshiper of acai berries, I couldn’t be more excited when my got my hands on the new Antipodes antioxidant serum that is packed with berries extract! Anything that contains antioxidant with anti-ageing is my best friend. I̵...
by Lace n Ruffles on Jun 2, 2015

Spring 2015 Skincare Routine

Spring 2015 Skincare Routine Right now I’m pretty […] The post Spring 2015 Skincare Routine appeared first on Kenderasia.
by Kenderasia on Apr 15, 2015

Antipodes Skincare Reviews + Giveaway: Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream & Mineral Foundation

Hey you Beauties! You’ve told us you want to see brand specific natural skincare reviews as part of our monthly beauty series so here you have it – * drum roll please* – our first ever Beauty Vlog on our Youtube Channel with our sp...
by Lace n Ruffles on Mar 9, 2015

Pampering Sunday Tips

Pampering Sunday Tips How wonderful taking a Sunday onl […] The post Pampering Sunday Tips appeared first on Kenderasia.
by Kenderasia on Feb 15, 2015

Beauty Awards 2014 – Beauty Best of 2014

Beauty Awards 2014 – Beauty Best of 2014 Here it […] The post Beauty Awards 2014 – Beauty Best of 2014 appeared first on Kenderasia.
by Kenderasia on Dec 30, 2014

Acne Prone Skin Skincare Routine

Acne Prone Skin Skincare Routine I was thinking about t […] The post Acne Prone Skin Skincare Routine appeared first on Kenderasia.
by Kenderasia on Nov 24, 2014

Summer 2014 Skincare Routine

Summer 2014 Skincare Routine Hi! Today’s post will be about my Summer 2014 Skincare Routine. I tend to not accumulate too much products for my skincare routine, I prefer to focus on some specific products. During summer I usually keep my skinca...
by Kenderasia on Jul 17, 2014

Spring 2014 Skincare Routine

Spring 2014 Skincare Routine As I previously said in my April 2014 beauty favourites post I don’t ever talk about skincare products in that kind of post. Mainly because I don’t switch very often my skincare products but I prefer sticking...
by Kenderasia on May 3, 2014

Antipodes Juliet Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser

  Antipodes Juliet Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser: my review Hi! Today’s review is about Antipodes Juliet Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser. I’ve used this cleanser from October everyday twice a day and I’ve ended up a couple of day...
by Kenderasia on Mar 1, 2014

Naturisimo experience – skincare haul shopping experience

Hi! Today I want to talk about my Naturisimo experience.     I’d really have to post more often in this Shop Online Adventures blog’s category since I usually buy online all my make up, skincare etc. I always look for European...
by Kenderasia on Nov 18, 2013

Turning On the Light - Mastering the Dewy-Glowy Radiant Look

Even the most hard-core makeup lovers sometimes crave a natural, fresh look that emphasizes natural beauty and a softer everyday youthful feel to your overall appearance. Don't get me wrong, as a beauty blogger and a lifetime cosmetics fan, I apprec...
by The Canadian Princeza on Oct 22, 2013

Skincare Tips from a Skincare Hoarder/Beauty Blogger

Just a quick glance of this blog and its pretty clear to anyone that the Canadian Princeza is a huge appreciator and connoisseur of the beauty industry or more specifically the skincare field. Necessity, genetics and over-reactive skin caused me...
by The Canadian Princeza on Aug 6, 2013

Learn where the Antipode for your area is – Just Point, Click & Reveal

I am sure some of you may have noticed that I often write about Canadian web mapping related topics here, something that has progressed rapidly over the past few years and appears more and more all over the internet. However sometimes I come acros...
by CanadianGIS on Feb 18, 2013

Popstrangers – What Else Could They Do / Heaven (2013)

@popstrangers @carparkrecords Género: Grunge, rock. Es leer New Zealand y el interés se me dispara. Popstrangers son de Auckland y no se que les deben dar en las Antípodas que ese punto salvaje e ireverente les sienta como un guante. Debutaron el...
by Escafandrista Musical on Jan 26, 2013

Winter Skincare Routine

Over the last month or so I have added a few new products to my routine so I thought it would be a good time to write an update about what I'm currently using and enjoying. I also wanted to mention a product that hasn't been such a success, which is...
by Modesty Brown Loves Make Up on Jan 4, 2013

Antipodes Apostle Skin-Brightening & Tone-Correcting Serum - Review

Regular readers will know that I was using a nightly drop of rosehip oil that did a wonderful job of keeping my skin plumped and hydrated through these winter months..when this finished, whilst I was very tempted to purchase a bottle of it, I knew I...
by Beauty Swot on Dec 19, 2012

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