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Antique Gold Lace

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by on Mar 26, 2015

Pillow Talk...Mixing and Matching Your Pillows

Get ready for some pillow talk on the blog today, but in a totally innocent non- bed head sorta way:~))It's impossible to excess amount of pillows and I admit t having an bit of an obsession. It's perfectly acceptable to be a hoarder of som...
by Shabbyfufu on Jan 14, 2015

Peony And Sage...Linen And Lace

Hello everyone from here at the Shabbyfufu Studio! I have some pretty and romantic images for you today with some of my very favorite things to work with....antique lace and beautiful fabrics... I was recently sent a metre (about a yard to we Americ...
by Shabbyfufu on Jun 2, 2013

Forsaken Queens for Roxana – DAZ Studio

Forsaken Queens for Roxana – DAZ Studio Is a companion Forsaken Queens for Roxana texture set. Features high resolution and detailed textures make material advance settings for maximum realism, so they use both print and screen. Every texture...
by WestNewSky3dModelGenesis on Mar 30, 2013

Fall Favorites from!

We just posted some of our favorite on trend looks for Fall 2011, which we styled from head to toe at our latest on location photo shoot! Check out the looks, and click here to shop these hand selected vintage treasures!We love to get feedback... so...
by Vintage Clothing Bulletin on Oct 4, 2011

Antique Laces & Dress Trimmings at Dandelion Vintage

I started a new department with some items that were already on the website and added 40+ more pieces to it today - Antique Laces and Dress Trimmings - Victorian to 1940s 4 pages with pieces and yardage of lace, beading and other trims. Some hav...
by Vintage Clothing Bulletin on Jan 9, 2011

White Dressing Screen Inspiration & Tutorial

Today I spent half the day driving around the busy city of Miami returning a rental car and picking up my car from the body shop, as someone hit my SUV two weeks ago and really did a number on it! On my way back home I noticed a "Moving Sale" sign on...
by Shabbyfufu on Jul 28, 2010

1920s Flapper Wedding Dress made of SPECTACULAR Fine Lace from Vindemial Vintage

This 20s flapper dress is amazing. It is fancy enough to be a flapper wedding dress, or else it could be dressed down with casual accessories for more of a garden party dress.I never had much interest in lace before I got my hands on this dress. But...
by Vintage Clothing Bulletin on Apr 18, 2010

Just added Antique Lace Items, Black Bras, More Jewelry and Vintage baby Clothing -

Just added at Dandelion Vintage - 14 more pieces of jewelry - pins, earrings, charm bracelets and more 13 Antique Lace Items - Victorian to 1920s - 2 handmade lace scarves with provenance, black silk lace shawl, la...
by Vintage Clothing Bulletin on Mar 1, 2010

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