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Why are there so many haters in the world?

According to some people, Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, should be an apologist for her own hard work. Attractive, assertive and smart, mainstream and social media has gone into overdrive criticising her for what she stands for. Some of the … Con...
by JON-MICHAIL, The Imagemaker on Apr 23, 2013

President 0

All-time high Unemployment! Zero Jobs! Zero Confidence! Zero Change! And President Obama says “he’s just getting started.”  ...
by The Conservative Revolution on Oct 12, 2011

On being an Apologist

Being an Apologist means never having to say 'sorry' I don't have an answer!The opening words of a lecture I attended many years back remain with me as challenge and reassurance. An 'apology' (Gk. 'apologia') is to give an answer or defence for who w...
by Vic the Vicar on Aug 30, 2011

Preacher Says Gay is NOT the New Black

*Pastor and cultural apologist Voddie Baucham challenged Christian broadcasters at their annual convention on Saturday to not buy into the “gay is the new black” propaganda, but instead to remain committed to defending biblical marriage o...
by Chicago Fabulous Blog on Mar 1, 2011


by Theology Hill on Aug 26, 2010

Deep House Cat Show + philE - Feb '10 - Pucker Face Mix

Deep House Cat Show + philE - Feb '10 - Pucker Face MixDOWNLOAD (Right Click "Save Link As" or 'Save Target As):Deep House, Tech House, Promos, Whitelabels, February 2010: "Pucker Face Mix" MIRROR 1Deep House, Tech House, Promos, Whitelabels, Februar...
by Deep House Cat on Feb 5, 2010

“Obama’s Doctor Knocks ObamaCare”

Snipped from “It’s nonsense that the private insurance companies need to be protected,” he says. “Why? Because they’ve done such a good job?” quips Dr. Scheiner, President Obama’s former physician...
by Blog4Brains on Jun 19, 2009

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