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How to use Apple Maps Offline if you dont have GPS or Data

How many times you loose GPS Signals or may be you do not get Data / Mobile Signals, When you are traveling to Remote Areas. Got Struck, how to come out of the locationa nd reach home. I have faced this problem couple of times, and than started searc...

Apple Maps Used 3 Times More Than Google Maps On iOS Devices

Mapping service Apple Maps is used three times as much as a competitor Google Maps on the iPhone. Since 2012 Apple Maps is supplied as standard map application on the iPhone. Google Maps was previously supplied as standard with its own app with iOS.
by HiLyts on Dec 8, 2015

WWDC Live Blog 2015, Highlights

WWDC Live Blog 2015, Highlights The new name of OS X is OS X El Capitan. El Capitan is more powerful than ever, with advancements under the hood and smarter […] The post WWDC Live Blog 2015, Highlights appeared first on THE GIZTIMES.
by THE GIZTIMES on Jun 8, 2015

Astuce: partager son emplacement sur Messenger, Plans et Google Maps

Les applications de Facebook sont populaires. La dernière en date, Facebook Messenger qui permet de communiquer avec ses contacts intègre une nouvelle fonctionnalité: le partage de sa position géographique au moyen d’une carte avec ses cont...
by Mac Aficionados on Jun 7, 2015

slow service of Apple Maps

Apple in its mapping service Apple Maps in iOS 9 probably supplement with information on public transport, but the iPhone maker does not plan to catch up with too great coverage.     Apple Maps iOS 9According to 9to5Mac, public transpo...
by Trestons on May 27, 2015

Apple rumored to Prepare Search Engine

Apple is rumored to be preparing its... get more information about this article on our official website

Apple Maps agora destaca opiniões de usuários do Booking e do TripAdvisor

A Apple tem melhorado significativamente seu aplicativo de Mapas desde o lançamento desastroso no iOS 6. Nesta semana, a companhia adicionou aos resultados de busca as opiniões sobre estabelecimentos comerciais e hotéis compartilhadas pelos usuár...
by Showmetech on Apr 7, 2015

The Drill Down 330: E3 2014 Review

This week, streaming video will beat blu-rays by 2015, Google boosts their maps while Apple’s maps team sweats, Vodaphone admits its users are being snooped on, a chatbot has fooled humans for the first time ever, and all the latest from this year'...
by Geeks of Doom on Jun 13, 2014

Apple to launch iOS in the Car with Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo next week?

Apple will finally unveil its in-car version of iOS at next week's Geneva Motor Show, according to reports this weekend. The Financial Times brings word Apple has enlisted auto giants Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, whose next-generation connected...
by Cnet Analysis on Mar 1, 2014

New iOS7 beta for iPad

The mobile app dev community gets another taste of iOS7 as Apple released yet another beta of the upcoming update. The June 24 beta release was highlighted by a version for Apple’s iPad line of tablet devices. The Voice Memos feature also makes a c...
by Techplazza on Sep 9, 2013

iOS 7 Apple Maps improvements over Google

For years Apple relied on Google for their iOS Maps app, and then last year Apple decided to go it alone and offer their own solution, although they did have a little help from TomTom.
by Cnet Analysis on Jul 31, 2013

50 tính năng thiết thực của iOS 7

by Chicken' Blog on Jul 4, 2013

Hidden iOS 7 Features.

              'iOS 7' the new revolutionary update by apple.WE have written two posts about iOS 7 as of yet,but when we are talking about apple their is always generally something more to it and so is the case...
by Tricky Crunch on Jun 27, 2013

Hidden iOS 7 Features. (Guide)

              'iOS 7' the new revolutionary update by apple.WE have written two posts about iOS 7 as of yet,but when we are talking about apple their is always generally something more to it and so is the case...
by Tricky Crunch on Jun 27, 2013

The Drill Down 281: Clash of the Titans

This week, at Apple's WorldWide Developer Conference, Apple rolls out new updates for Macbooks, OSX, iOS 7, and a new Mac Pro! Also at E3, we find out more about the XBox One, the PS4, and all the great games you’ll be playing on them. Plus Google...
by Geeks of Doom on Jun 14, 2013

Future Apple Maps update could feature Street View

When Apple launched their very first smartphone the industry thought they were never going to make a success of it, and Apple proved them wrong with the release of the iPhone. They faced the same criticism again when the iPad was first launched, agai...
by Cnet Analysis on Apr 4, 2013

Com nome estranho, Rego ajuda a relembrar viagens

Com uma proposta nobre, mas um nome um tanto complicado aqui no Brasil, o Rego, gratuito e para iOS, é um aplicativo no qual você pode guardar todas as melhores lembranças de uma viagem – e fazer várias piadas de duplo sentido, cantadas e mais,...
by Nora Comunicação on Mar 23, 2013

Study Results: Risk of Error Has Apple Maps Directions Three Times Bigger Than Google Maps

The arrival of Google Maps to the iOS platform 6 is really a matter that ought to be thankful for. This is because the performance of the Apple Maps which is the default map application on iOS 6 does not have the maximum performance. And, this was re...
by BlackBerry and iPhone Support on Feb 26, 2013

Apple è alla ricerca di ingegneri del software, per migliorare le sue Apple Maps

Apple è pronta ad assumere alcuni ingegneri del software, che si mettano a disposizione dell’azienda, affiancando il team che si occupa dello sviluppo delle Apple Maps. Apparentemente, nelle ultime settimane, le critiche rivolte alle Apple Map...
by AppleZein on Feb 5, 2013

Un ristorante stima perdite pari a 50 mila dollari a causa di un errore delle Apple Maps

Tra i tanti errori che gli utenti hanno riscontrato nelle mappe di Apple, uno potrebbe essere costato caro a Metrovino, un bar ristorante situato a Portland. Nella maggior parte dei casi le Apple Maps fanno il loro dovere. Difficilmente capita di tro...
by AppleZein on Jan 23, 2013

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